Breeders' Directory

These chihuahua breeders are registered with the Canine Association of Western Australia (Inc.) trading as Dogs West.
Dogs West regulates the breeding and registration of puppies. Registered breeders are bound by Dogs West's Code of Ethics.
These breeders are also members of The WA Chihuahua Club Inc.
Please note that The WA Chihuahua Club Inc. cannot adjudicate in any dispute which might arise between a breeder and purchaser.
Trendee Janette Browning (08) 9574 7149
Perrillo Leith Bungey (08) 9397 6211
Pelischa Liz Chandler 0417 925 700
Sebdah Shirley Horn (08) 9455 3912
Chintaro Veronica McKelvie 0420 982 284 (before 8.30pm)
Puppy enquiries Shirley Horn (08) 9455 3912
Janette Browning 0428 747 149