at The WA Chihuahua Club Inc.

The WA Chihuahua Club Inc. welcomes new members. Membership is not only for breeders and exhibitors but for anyone lucky enough to be owned by a chihuahua. We look forward to meeting you; please refer to the "Join Us" section for more details.

We are happy to help with enquiries about chihuahuas and invite you to look through this website and also the Club's Facebook page. For further information, please feel free to telephone any of the numbers shown in the "Contact Us" section below or the "Breeders' Directory". Alternatively, you might like to visit a dog show and meet exhibitors.

About Us

Our Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of The WA Chihuahua Club Inc. :

  • To foster interest in the purebred chihuahua.
  • To encourage, assist and instruct members in matters concerning the showing of their dogs.
  • To conduct exhibitions.
  • To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among members and those participating in the Club activities or attending fixtures.
  • To inform members of and make known to them the laws and regulations in Western Australia relevant to the ownership of dogs and their care.
  • To carry out activities to encourage the training and general upkeep of chihuahuas.

Contact Us

President Dr Leith Bungey (08) 9397 6211
Vice President Mrs Janette Browning 0428 747 149
Secretary Ms Carol King (08) 9497 1042
Puppy enquiries Mrs Janette Browning 9574 7149 or 0428 747 149
Ms Liz Harrower 0407 994 351
Club website http://members.dodo.com.au/~wachiclub
Club email wachiclub@dodo.com.au