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The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is one of Irelands best kept secrets.  It is a medium size dog with a delightful, friendly and loving nature.  Add the shiny long blond wavy coat and you have a dog that dreams are made of.  They have a single non-shedding coat ideal for allergy  sufferers as they are non-allergenic and do not have a doggy odor.


I am a small kennel and only have a few litters.  I breed for quality, health and the true Irish type for selected homes.

Wheatens are very much a people dog and as such must be a member of the family and allowed to be in the house.  I have no kennels as such mine all live in the house with me.


Some photos of my current dogs. Click a picture to see it enlarged

Molly 9 Weeks     Suzie                   Patrick                Suzie                   Molly 9.5 Months


Molly 6.5 Months  Patrick                Patrick                Suzie & Pups      The Gangs all here

Molly 13 Months

As I said I am a small kennel dedicated to this beautiful, natural and healthy Terrier as bred in its native country of Ireland.


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