First  time for me visiting Tracey with the workshop (BECOMING SPIRIT WISE 2 day INTENSIVE held in May, 2008) on Angels. Very enlightening- I had a fabulous time. I feel I have a different aspect toward people in my life. My new approach from now on I know will be absolutely positive in every area of my life.                                    Helen
This workshop (BECOMING SPIRIT WISE 2 day INTENSIVE held in May, 2008) was amazing. I didn't realise how beneficial it was going to be for my physical body as well as my spiritual path. I am positive this will help me fulfill my life as well as assisting everyone near me. Never thought that doing this workshop would be so rewarding. LOVED IT!!!!               Averil
Hi Tracey,
Not sure if you remember me but I came to see you last year.  I found your reading creative and a lot of fun and respected your accuracy and honesty.  I would like to see you again but haven't had the time.  I hope to catch up with you soon.  Take care    love Tara

Hi Tracey

I like to thank you for the healing that you gave to my little boy, I took my three year old son to see Tracey so she could do some Reiki on him and to get to know her as he had suffered tonsillitis for the past 18 months and was due to get his tonsils removed three weeks later. The first time he was there he was exploring all around Tracey's room so she had to follow him everywhere, which she did not mind at all. The next time my son saw Tracey was 3 days after the operation for some more reiki and I told my son that we were going to see Tracey again so she could do some more magic on him and he knew what she did by placing his hands around himself like Tracey had done. After this session he was back to being his active self by the weekend, and you would of not know he had an operation. I can't thank Tracey enough for the healing and encouragement that she has given to my son and myself.

Thank you very much.


Hello Tracey
 I would like to thank you for the guidance and support you have given me in the past.  I have come to you a few times when I have been particularly troubled.  On one occasion I would have left a very good job that pays well, with your help I was able to see past the issues that were causing me grief.  I have attended one of your classes and I am pleased to say that you have a wonderful ability to teach and enlighten.  Many things were passing me by without my noticing the angles trying to get my attention.  Thank you Tracey.

 Light and Love, Christine Pedersen

I was one of the lucky, lucky ladies to receive a tea leaf reading from Tracey, and I can announce to everyone that it was AWESOME!!!!! Tracey, you are a very talented reader, and I absolutely loved mine, and recommend her readings to one and all!
In light, Natalie.
I had a reading and it was sooo accurate. I highly recommend getting a reading. Thank-you so much Tracey. 
Oceans of love Catherine
Hi Tracey,
I have just read mine now in my ezmail box. It was fantastic!! A lot of it made sense to me, it "fitted" well with me at the moment. I have never known of anyone else who has read tea leaves before. I can't believe how much detail you can get from the bottom of a cup! Absolutely amazing.....thanks so much!
                             Love, light and angel hugs, Sheryl
By chance I went  to see Tracey for a reading at a confusing time in my life. I had no direction & my spirit was low. Since that time 2 years ago I've not only experienced  a change in these confusing areas, I've developed confidence to guide & help others in ways I never imagined doing.
My psychic abilities have boomed, but bloomed into my world after one soul retrieval with Tracey. I also went to Tracey's "Becoming Spirit Wise'Workshop & I let go of all my spiritual fears. It was like waking from a dream into a brilliant life of colour.
By also attending the Tuesday's monthly meetings with Tracey's guidance, I have found my true self & no longer fear other's judgments of me.        Rebecca B
I have regularly attended meditation & spiritual awareness sessions with Tracey. She is dedicated & sincere & always supportive & encouraging. I have no hesitation in recommending her.              Janeen H
I look foward to receiving the Spirit Wisdom newsletter,and the angel card. I have always been able to relate to the message on the card, which I find amazing. The inclusion of a free gift now with the newsletter is a great idea. I open the envelope with anticipation to see if a gift has been included. I have loved all the gifts so far.I put the feather through the spiral binding of my perpetual angel calendar.
I have completed Reiki level 1 with Tracey and encourage anyone thinking of doing it to do so ASAP. Looking foward to attending the workshop "Becoming Spirit Wise" along with my friend Jan. Keep up the good work.
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.    Jillian Compton

I have had a reading done by Tracey & found her to be accurate in every area & the guidance given from her reading  was so helpful. Not only is Tracey a very accurate & true reader, she is such a lovely person who loves to be able to help people in any way she can. The meditation group Tracey runs is very good & she is a great spiritual teacher.      Wendy
I attended the Level 1- Basics for Beginners "Receiving Guidance & Healing" workshop that Tracey runs. I went in nervous & unsure of what to expect. Within minutes of arriving & settling in, Tracey had made myself & my friend feel so comfortable & we were eager to begin. I had always felt "something" was there but unsure how to communicate & take heed of the messages being sent my way. The workshop has helped me learn how to be more open to these messages, how to accept them & to control my life with the angel's help. It has also started me on my way to learning more about my spirit guide & how to communicate with him. The workshop itself was relaxed & informal, something that is really needed when trying to clear your mind and relax so you can 'see'. At the same time, Tracey is a real professional, eager to help, teach & support all the way. I had a rather emotional meeting with my spirit guide & she wasn't phased at all & simply accepted my blubbering! She gave me the start I needed. Thanks Tracey, without your help I would have had no idea how to start on this wonderful new journey!         Dominique A
I was "gob smacked" when Tracey 'tuned in' or whatever she does, with a deceased relative who was very close to my heart. Tracey has never been to my home & she managed to describe the certain beads that I use as christmas ornaments every year since my beautiful relative passed away. Tracey gave me a message from her involving the beads.
If I was dubious I would call this coincidence or 'clever psychology' or guesswork, but since I decorated a certain place in the home with these beads (which I have left in the room after christmas), when I feel weak or doubtful or I need an answer, I look at the beads & find this sense of strength, will, & comfort & I smile. It's as though she is watching over me & trying to guide me into a more postiive frame of mind..and its actually working!!
It's hard to grasp how this can happen but it confirms something spiritual that I have experienced in the past. I know that this phenomenon does exist! Now I don't feel so 'crazy' anymore.

This Angel reading with Tracey has helped me to accept what I have felt before & to keep an open mi
nd regarding spirituality and not to feel so freaky when this happens again in the future.   Laura J
I found Tracey's reading to be very accurate & also a source of comfort and joy. It always makes me feel good to have direct contact with the angels.       Kelly M
I only had a 10 minute read but Tracey was very helpful & has great insight. 
Tracey gave me some informative & insightful news to help me with direction  in my life. 
Tracey has given me a positive thought to start my new thoughts. I now have some clarity into my situation. 
Tracey told me what I needed to hear so I can move on.   Melinda
Being able to ask a specific question was great. Tracey connected with a lot of different issues which I could relate to.           Thank you. 
Thank you Tracey. Through you, the Angels have given me the guidance & strength to deal with my situation. 
I attended the reading with Tracey after reaching a crossroad in my life with family, relationships & career. All my inner questions & dilemmas came out in the reading & I was given a new direction to take. The reading with Tracey was very accurate.   Leah
Level 1 Basics for Beginners Receiving Guidance & Healing - The beginner's course was heaps of fun but also awakened my spiritual senses. I came away feeling positive about my future and the guidance I would receive by the Angels.     Kelly M
Angel & Spirit  Therapy Meditations Workshop-  Prior to the Spirit Wisdom's workshop, I had felt lower back pain. While in meditation at the workshop we asked Archangel Michael to help remove etheric daggers that people had placed there. I had 4 daggers in my lower back, 3 came out easy & the 4th was stubborn and took a couple of goes to pull out. When I eventually got it out I found it was from another psychic throwing weapons at me because she felt threatened by me (as I am a psychic myself). I was unaware that this sort of thing could happen to people but now I am aware thanks to the Spirit Wisdom's workshop which opened up my awareness that 'black magic' does work & we need to  protect ourselves.                  Wendy C
Tracey sent me my Angel card as usual with my Spirit Wisdom's Newsletter. I was surprised to receive 2 cards & a note from Tracey to say that I needed 2 messages for the month. The first card was  a 'peace'  card, which I could relate to as I had been struggling to find peace within. The second card was "Hello from Heaven" Archangel Azrael saying "your loved ones in heaven are fine, let go of worries & feel their loving blessings". I was mystified as to why this was relevant to me. A couple of days later, I spoke to my good friend. She told my about a dream she had that really affected her. She dreamt she was in her grandparents house after they passed away & they came to her as spirits. She described the feeling of love & happiness being with them. I told her about the card I received & she was speechless.         Justine W
I recently subscribed to the Spirit Wisdom's newsletter and was looking forward to receiving my first. Well, I promptly received it yesterday but hadn’t gotten around to opening it until this morning.

I have to let all of you know that my jaw almost dropped to the ground! I was in awe of the beautifully illustrated Angel Oracle card that Tracey chose to send me. It was the card DAMARA – ‘Guiding Children’, which sent the message; “You are good at helping, counseling, and healing children. Use your skills to help children now.”

Why was I in awe, you might ask?.....It was only yesterday that I landed my dream job in a lovely environment to give help & tuition to children of all ages. I’m a fully qualified teacher who has been unable to teach for 8 &1/2 years and I felt ready to have another go after such a break.

The Angel Oracle card sent with the newsletter was posted the day before I actually got the job! As you could imagine, this was a very reassuring sign to me that I was on the right path at the right time. I have never met Tracey before and it was a wonderful feeling to be given a message so profound.            Laura
My Angel card with a message for the month of January was from Archangel Gabriel -"As you nututre a child, you nuture your own inner child. Both activities are important for you right now." I found this card reading from Tracey, which was included with my SPIRIT WISDOM Newsletter, very insightful & extremely relevant to my life right now. I had just started taking my 3 year old daughter to weekly art/craft workshops which we do together & both enjoy very much. My daughter is loving making things & I am having fun nurturing my inner child making the time to do art & craft which I have always loved doing. I would like to add that I had also been receiving this message during my own angel card readings at home! Thanks Tracey!   Sally  B
Tracey is a professional pyschic reader whose spiritual reading highlighted many areas of my life & where to be positive about & grateful for.   Deanne M
Thank you Tracey. your Angel & Animal Spirit Readings (mail) have given me a lot of guidance & insight to see me through the tough times.     Carol W