My Spiritual Awakening
As a child I had always loved the scary ghost & witch stories that meant to scare the living daylights out of you. My interests are still as keen & passionate in these areas, but due to my knowledge & education, that is reading & experiencing, my interest in these areas is now with love & respect.
I first started on my path when I woke one morning in 1997 in severe, bedridden back pain. This lasted for 5 months , & then a further 6 years housebound due to the pain. I won't go into details, but within the first week of the bedridden period, as I walked from my bed, through the loungeroom to go to the bathroom, there was a white witch explaining a candle healing spell. Needless to say, this actual spell did not work, but it started me on the Witchcraft path, which was only a part of what this pain & lesson had in stall for me. With much reading & interest, I learnt many side interests, such as  magical & healing properties of crystals, herbs & colour therapy. I learnt about reiki & other energy healing methods, Angels, Archangels & Goddess power, magick & properties, as well as experimented in many forms of divination, including tarot, Angel Oracle Cards, runes, ouija board, pendulum & crystal ball scrying. In Wicca, I  found all my interests under the one path.
Amidst the 6 years of housebound pain, I had to make the hardest decision of my life to have my faithful & loyal elderly dog put down due to his pain & suffering of arthritis. After this, along with the physical pain, I had 2 years of emotional pain causing depression. After these 2 years of depression to the point of phobia in never leaving the house without my husband, not even to get the mail, which put my loving, loyal & supportive husband, & 2 young boys through hell & back, I had a loud voice within me tell me that this can not go on any more.!! It was time to put all that I had learnt into practice. So I did empowerment, confidence, happiness, depression lifting rituals with the Goddess Athena & many others. I used the properties of crystals & essential oils to lift my depression & build me with confidence. I enjoyed the outdoors with the healing & strengthening powers of the sun to not only cleanse my aura of negativity but also strengthen it, my aura that is. I had gained enough confidence to actually venture out of the house, to do psychic development courses in 2002, chakra courses in 02/03 & learn level 1 Reiki  in 2002. After only 2 weeks of giving myself reiki, my back pain & emotional causes started to heal. After a month, I did level 2 (2002) & the following year, 2003,  I became a reiki master. I was a walking advertisement to those who knew me & of my back pain,  the wonderful power of reiki. Unfortunately, even this was not enough to gain the support of family & friends. I  had to gain my confidence & experience with reiki through advertising my services, & although slow at the time, lead me to the knowledge that my constant & passionate desire was to help people heal- physically & emotionally. I wanted to help people get through tragedy & misery that occurred in their life & heal physical ailments through alternative & spiritual means rather than relying on drugs & medication. I started going to a meditation group in 2004. Though I did not have the confidence to go to Doreen Virtue's Angel Intuive Course in 2003, I made a point that if she ever came to Australia again, in Sydney, I would be there. The Angels, got me to Sydney in September, 2004 where I lived my dream of becoming a certified Angel Intuitve(TM). I was so full of excitement that in December, 2004, I also did the Animal Dreaming Workshop with Scott Alexander King, in Sydney, furthering my education in my interest of Animal spirits & Shamanic work. I have been a vegetarian since 1979 because of my love of animals, so this made absolute sense for me to also work with the animals & nature.
Due to Archangel Gabriel consistently turning up in readings about Creative writing, I started a small newsletter for the women of that particular meditation group. I was then guided to word it more for anyone to read, not just the people at meditation. The Spirit Wisdom's Newsletter, has been out in shops with paying advertisers to be mentioned in the newsletter since February 2005. I have been giving Angel & tarot readings for friends & their friends, what seems like now on an occasional basis, in the last 8 years, as well as the odd professional reads from reiki clients who found out I also did psychic readings. Since becoming a Certified Angel Intuitve in 2004,  I took the role of giving readings & healing as my career & I registered 'Spirit Wisdom' as my business name the first week in  January 2005. Since then I have been giving readings professionally on a regular basis at home as well as 2 full days a week from a local New Age shop for 6 months until I decided to work entirely from home. I  have also been teaching level 1 workshops for receiving guidance & healing, as well as meditation, because I truly believe, not always being a confident person, & by my many students proving my belief, that-   

At the start of 2006, I invested in the Distance Learning Program to receive my Level 1 Bach Flower Remedies Certificate. In October 2006, I joined over 400 other certified Angel Intuitive & Angel Therapy Practitioners to once again be taught by Doreen Virtue at the Advanced AI/ATP Course in Sydney. Due to the extra techniques I had learnt from Doreen Virtue & Stephen Farmer, I now offer much more to help others heal themselve and their lives, so they can create a better future. The future they want. At the beginning of 2007, I finally had the confidence & faith in myself to apply for another one of my dreams, and am now also a Member of the Australian Psychics Association. & at the end of November, I attended the Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing Courses in Sydney. So, Spirit Wisdom has grown over the years in what it & I have to offer & teach, but as I said before & will continue to say, IF I CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN.

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