Visual Communication Design Resources


On this page are 3 links to interactive presentations useful to students of Visual Communication and Design. The 3 presentations were made by Shane Steegers who is Visual Communication and Design teacher. They were produced with Adobe Flash.

Andriod 4.1+ iOS* Updated to include the same presentations for browsers that don't support Flash. The links underneath are in HTML5 format  to make work in Apple iOS and Andriod 4.1 and above.

All presentations have been slightly tweeked for Visual Communication Design 2013

  • Drawing Systems is an interactive presentation that makes it easier for you to identify each drawing system and how to go about constructing a basic example of each.
  • Drawing Systems HTML5


My recommended graphics software I use in class with year 10 -12 Visual Communication and design classes
  • Software I use in class is Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape especially for logo design. Adobe Photoshop for magazine cover designs and photo manipulation. SketchUp for 3D architectural planning. Solid EdgeST4 for product/industrial design which we can output the designs to Roland MDX-40 CNC machine. 


V.C.E. = The Victorian Certificate of Education

Shane Steegers 2015

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