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Having completed the Advanced Diploma of Fine Arts, North Coast Institute of TAFE, I have worked in painting (and majored in a BA Visual Arts at Southern Cross University) as well as folded collage and handmade felt, incorporating a wide range of media including recycled and found objects. One of my major practices is the creation of tactile surfaces using the above media.

Exploring traditional Japanese techniques from my background, such as folding and recycling of kimono fabric, I make works that address contemporary concerns. My dual identity; a cultural melange of East and West - the resulting complexity is integral, and embedded into my work.

There is a performance aspect to my works in that I consider my body and being, to be one of the primary mediums I work with and through. In this regard I’ve been influenced by Mike Parr and Luke Roberts.

My online exhibition ‘美: BI: BEAUTY’ in 2008 included a short film in which I interacted with my folded collages in the box frames. This film has been selected for ‘Byron All Shorts’ film competition, to be presented by ‘18th FLiCKERFEST International Short Film Festival’ this year.

The photographs of these performances in which I wore self-generated felt garments were one of the major elements in my first solo exhibition ‘Textile Tactile’ at the Lismore Regional Gallery in 2005.

Origami techniques:

I have worked with Origami since I emigrated to this country over 30 years ago and I use traditional and contemporary designs along with some that are self generated, this improvisation is an important element in my practice. Developing Origami in installation work allows me a contemporary expression of traditional methodology.

Collaboration with other artists:

In order to expand my own limits and to give my projects a stronger voice, I have collaborated with other artists working parallel with my own endeavours.


Sachiko Kotaka

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My works

Handmade felt


‘Textile Tactile’ 2005

Folded collage from

: BI: BEAUTY’ installation 2008

Performance art

with Luke Roberts


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Mike Parr

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Graeme Batterbury

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Contemporary Multi Media Artist