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The Bathurst Class Corvettes have interested me for a long time. My 1:72nd scale model has been running for many years and has been one of those reliable models that you just want to hang on to. At this scale though it is best suited to calmer waters.

I regularly received emails requesting hulls, plans and even completed models for various Bathurst Class ships. People often request small models suitable for static display on a desk or bar etc but unfortunately like the Armidale Class there are no models available. Again I have made a start on several different scale hulls for the Bathurst Class that may eventually be available as small resin semi-kits.

The thought of building a larger Bathurst model has often been contemplated. After building the 1:50th scale static model of HMAS Wagga I decided that I would like to build the same model again, but this time I would make it a functional model. I made a start on a 1:50th scale Radio Controlled model of HMAS Wagga and the photos below show the progress.


This is a 1:50 scale model of a Bathurst Class Corvette. As this is going to be a functional model I wanted as much access as possible to the hull so I have constructed it so that most of the deck areas can be lifted off.


A plywood deck was glued in first then it was covered in styrene. The center sections of the deck fit snugly into place.

Once the styrene decks were completed a planked wooden deck was constructed.


The deck houses and major assemblies have all been constructed. Ready for a rubdown and then a coat of undercoat.


The hull and major assemblies have been painted.