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Welcome to my puzzle web site!

In this web site you will be able to see some of my favorite puzzles that I have in my collection. 

Also puzzles that I have for sale both my own unique handmade puzzles and other puzzles that I have more than one of. 

 I have chosen some puzzles that, not everybody has seen before .

Some are my designs but a lot of them I just like the look of as puzzles are not just things to take apart and then put back together but are pieces of art .

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Stuart Gee - Puzzle Man 

Home: 07 3371 7112  Mobile: 0438 992 063 

For International dialing: Add Australia Country Code +61 and delete first 0 in phone number.

Email: gee309@dodo.com.au

Web: http://members.dodo.com.au/~sgjlorata1