Optimizing XPL Compiler - XPL source version

The source code for the Optimizing XPL compiler is based on the McKeeman, Horning, and Wortman XPL compiler. The alterations were written by Robin Vowels. This compiler generates code for the IBM System /370 and its successors.
A second version of the Optimising XPL Compiler has been adapted for the IBM System 390 (also the PC, see below). It is written in IBM VisualAge PL/I, and compiles and runs under PL/I without the aid of the XPL submonitor XMON, and produces IBM System 390 object code. (However, when an XPL source program has been compiled with that compiler, that object program must run under XMON.)
This version will also run on the IBM PC. A monitor has been written for the PC, along with an interpreter for the IBM System 360. For details, write me, as I do not have any more space on the web site to store it.
Warning: the object code produced by this second version of the compiler has not been tested on an IBM System 390. Anyone who has one is invited to test run.

XPL Compiler Generator System for Intel 486.

A version of the XPL compiler generator system is available for the Intel 486. Details below: XPL compiler ported to Intel (on FreeBSD) From comp.compilers From: Dave Bodenstab <imdave@synet.net>Newsgroups: comp.compilersDate: 10 Jul 1996 12:12:35 -0400Organization: Compilers CentralKeywords: tools, history, available I've dug out a rather old compiler/compiler generator called XPL, and ported it to the Intel 486. It's documented in the book "A Compiler Generator" by McKeeman, Horning and Wortman, published by Prentice-Hall, 1970, ISBN 13-155077-2. The original compiler was designed for the IBM S/360. The language is XPL, a dialect of PL/I. The compiler is written in XPL. The package constain the compiler, bnf grammar, grammar analyzer, skeleton compiler, S/360 emulator to bootstrap the build, and all source.
It was ported on a FreeBSD Unix system, so I suspect that other BSD variants will require a few changes, and Linux a few more.
It's available from:
XPL for Intel 486. Dave Bodenstab imdave@synet.net
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