English Electric DEUCE Sites

Following are known DEUCE sites.

English Electric Nelson Research Laboratory, Stafford (where DEUCE was developed) DEUCE Mark I.

English Electric at Luton (Mark I)

English Electric Mechanical Engineering Laboratory at Whetstone, near Leicester. Two DEUCE Mark I, one of which was enhanced in 1961 with 7 extra delay lines, making it a Mark IA. Also included the Atomic Power division.

English Electric Main Works at Stafford (transformer design) [source: David Leigh] DEUCE Mark I

Marconi Research Labs, The Marconi Company, Greta Baddow, Essex, UK, had a DEUCE Mk II that was installed in early 1959. It was in use until about 1965 when replaced by a KDF9. [Source: Bernard de Neumann]

National Physical Laboratory, Teddington
This remained the original 32-column machine. (DEUCE Mark 0)


Aircraft Industry

Ship building

Service Bureaus


Ford Motor Company, possibly at Dagenham, had at least one DEUCE and probably two, supplemented by a further two DEUCE by about 1963. [This has been disputed.]

Reactor and Atomic Weapon design.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food had three Mark II DEUCE.

BP at Aldgate, London - DEUCE for siesmic work.

DSIR at Kilbride, Glasgow. DEUCE Mark I.