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BMC's Morris Major from the Series I to the Elite

Through the process of the ongoing restoration of my Elite I have gathered much information. I hope that the resources available here are useful to those with an interest in these fine B.M.C. Australian classics.



Some useful links, both Morris and restoration.

Recent high prices paid on eBay for Morris Major promotional brochures.

Magazine Archive (feel free to contribute scans)

 Added Sept 08 Wheels Mar 61 & Mod. Mot. Nov 61

Series I, Series II and Elite

BMC Duco Colour Charts,

Mobilubrication Chart

Majors on display

Major Fanatics NEW

Some photos of Elites (finished and under restoration). Please forward your restoration snaps for posting. Photos and comments from other fanatics on their restoration experiences. If you would like to submit your story or join this growing group - forward your email details via the feedback page.

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