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Some Morris Majors under restoration

A few photos and stories from Morris Major fanatics, who keep in touch via this forum.

Jeff Redman's Mark I christened ‘Bloodnock’ (aka ‘Dennis’) on arrival 14th Dec 2006

Jeff's Mark I recently now with 136 miles on the odometer.

Jeff's recent modifications using Marina discs

Jeff's master cylinder needed an upgrade

Pete and Joy's "Ellie" (now into a full restoration)

Serious cross member and chassis rail rust in "Ellie".

Recent photo of "Ellie" prior to final work at the body shop.

Steve Shord's Elite and his recently purchased Austin Freeway

Steve Shord's elite after a WA club run.

Steves' Elite (on the left)

Steves rear (far car) owned since 1989

Steve Clune's Daily Driver!

Steve's car is not stock standard with 60" over pistons, and with the head flowed and converted to unleaded.

The rebuilt engine has mga valves, a mild cam, 40 dcoe weber, electronic distributor and has had no problems after 10,000 miles

Steve used a chrome ring off a trailer sealing kit to trim the handles

Steve's Morris at Broullee (complete with roof racks)

Vespazari's Elite

Paul's Series I Major. Daily driver until late 2006

Paul's car was once a driving school car, and may be re-themed as such.

Paul commenced an engine rebuild early 2008.

Paul's "operating theatre"

Paul's recent aquisition - was going to be a donor car.

Adam Pipe's 1958 Lancer

Adam's was originally a daily driver but now on historic plates

Peter B's Series II prior to painting.

Peter's restoration started in June 2008

Peter B's Series II just before Easter 2009

Original but will have power disc brakes and leather seats

Currently on jack stands while restoring suspension

Getting ready to put it all back together

Peter B's engine

Neil Degney's Elite

Neil restored his car a while back

Wonsdor Ung's recently purchased Elite

Won bought her from a deceased estate in great condition

Won's 63 Elite's engine has some minor oil leaks

Matt Gentle's fantastic Elite

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