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How To Play - Quickstart

Opening the Game

Run the exe file (cdm.exe). You should see an intro/credits screen, then the main menu
There is no mouse control at the main menu, instead press 1,2,3,4 or 5 for the
corresponding action. In this case, press 1 for a New game.

The 'world' will load. In cadisman, there is support for 100 worlds, all connected to each
other in a big grid. You start on world 35, right in the middle, in a small village.

Moving your player

Click where you want your character to move. Right-click for a context sensistive menu.
If you click on something like a tree, your dude does the default action for that object:
in the case of the tree, you cut it down(if you have an axe), leaving a stump.
To scroll the screen, use the cursor keys. Yes, the cursor keys, are the Up Down, Left Right
ones. If you move your screen too far away from your dude, it will jump back to center on him/her

Changing 'worlds'

You're not really going to another 'world', just the next map. Go to the edge of the map (e.g.
right beside the grey void stuff). An arrow-over-a-world icon will appear on the sidebar.
Click it, and you go to the next world in that direction. It must save the game every time
you change worlds, thats why the dialogue box comes up. Select 'new' (using cursor keys), press
enter, type a name (less than 9 characters long), and press enter. voila next world loads.
Dont worry, once you've saved it, it does it automatically next time.

Got the whole movement thing? Press space. This is your inventory. You can press space again or
press Esc to get it to go away, but the game is paused while you look at it.
Alternately, if you're a mouse person, click the chest icon on the sidebar.
You should have a few items such as an axe, a net, some gold, and a bucket, and more.
Right click on one. You can drop it too, but it disappears after a while on the ground.
Click to select an item
Dragging one item onto another will cause the two to swap places.
To light a fire: chop down a tree. Open your inventory -- yes, that's wood. click on it,
so it's selected with the red box around it. Now right click on your tinderbox. From the
menu, select 'use Wood with Tinderbox'. Your inventory will close, and you will have a fire lit.

Other tabs on the sidebar

The next tab on the sidebar is a sword icon. This shows what you're currently wearing or
holding (aka wielding). You can click them to un-wear them (take them off and put them in your
inventory). You may not currently be wearing anything(!) though so switch to your inventory,
and select the pick, and press 'enter'. Switch back to the wield tab, and you see a pick.
Try unwielding it. Then wield the axe. In the wield tab, right click the axe, and you can view
it's weapon stats. Press esc to kill the dialog (just like most). Whenever i mention wielding something, i mean select it and press enter so you're using it. ok?

Skills list.

This is your best friend. Look at it to see how tuff you are. Its a simple list of all the skills
as you can see. like this:

Archery 1/1 0 65

This is the first item: archery. The first '1' is how much of your skill level is currently used
the second '1' is the total archery level you are. (i.e., with Health or HP, you will see a reduced
'amount' under the 'total' if you've been hurt).
The zero is how many experience points (XP) you have (ie, NONE! :D ). The 65 is how many XP
you need to get up to before you gain level 2 (then it would show 2/2).
At the end of this list is your combat level, a general indicator of how awesome you are.

The next tab isnt used.

Nor is this one (after that one)

Options tab

This shows some useful things (to me theyre useful anyways). Most of them would be useless to
you. You can see how evil or good you are (at the moment it probably says 'undecided')

Try all the skills. Some, like farming and prayer dont do anything.
Some are fully developed, like mining and smithing.
Magic is halfway there. Try making stuff at a cauldron.

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