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            Bradley Lanham

 My Mapping & level design portfolio


·                    Level Screenshots

·                    Map Downloads


Email me: beanay88-(at)-hotmail-com


Programs I use:


-         Hammer for CS and HL (both hl1 and hl2/source)

-         Unreal level editor

-         Paintshop Pro 4,5 and 8

-         Wally (texture editor), hlmv

-         Jellyfish Pro Editor (FB code editor)

-         Qbasic 1.0, 4.5, 7

-         Dr Scheme

-         Freebasic and FBIDE

-         WS_FTP

-         Live Mail Beta and Windows Live Messenger Beta (mmm invites)

-         wmp 10, iTunes

-         WinDVD and AnyDVD

-         Fraps (screen capture)

-         VirtualDub (video compression and dubbing)

-         FruityLoops

-         DivX

-         Xfire (in-game chat)

-         Googlearth

-         DOS J

Games I Play(ed)

-         CS 1.6 and CS:S, and DOD:S

-         HL2

-         BF1942

-         BFVietnam

-         Rise of Nations

-         Knight Online

-         Gta s 1,2,4

-         RS free

-         Garry’s Mod

-         …Obviously, many more




This also the official website for Cadisman, with screenshots, game downloads, resource kits, and help


About Cadisman

Cadisman is a Role Playing Game where you control your own destiny. Your decisions will affect the
friends you gain or lose, and the battles that you must fight. Choose your own style of fighting
from archery, magic, or melee.

Cadisman Screenshots
Items & Skills

Apart from QBasic/Freebasic programming, I also do a lot of mapping and modding
My main areas are in Half-Life and CS, but I also do a bit with
UT2004 and Battlecraft the map editor for BF1942.
Feel free to email me at this address beanay88-(at)-hotmail-com if you share these interests. - indeed005 -





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