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Items & Skills

Cadisman is an RPG game where you control your own destiny. Your decisions will affect the
friends you gain or lose, and the battles that you must fight. Choose your own style of fighting
from archery, magic, or melee.

Because it uses old memory management (XMS), this game has compatibility issues with Windows XP, and sometimes
causes it to freeze. Pressing CTRL+BREAK(pause) or Alt+Tab will exit it.

Installation Notes:

Extract the zip file to any folder on your hard drive (C drive).
Open that folder, and double-click 'cdm.exe'

' This is the manual. It can be viewed in-game at the menu too
' I hope you pass this game around
CADISMAN 0.6 beta
4:52 PM 10/27/05

This is the new manual.

Up Down Left Right - Scroll the map. Moves about 1/2 a screen each way

Left Click - Moves your dude. Also performs default action
e.g. chop down, mine, smelt etc. NOT attack
Also used on most interface buttons

Right Click - Context/Action menu

H - Centers the map on your player

SpaceBar - Brings up your inventory. Also press this to
hide it

Enter - In inventory, wields selected item. See below for
more on wielding.
In inventory, eats selected food/drinks drink
In bank, deposits/withdraws all of selected object

<, and >. - Scrolls through the inventory when walking

- Other keys -
` console
q mapedit on/off
j debug messages on/off

In options...
s debug list of units
t trace unit

Inventory - To wield a weapon or wear some armour, click the item
and press enter. If you are of high enough level, you
will don the weapon/armour. Any weapons/armour that you
were previously wielding/wearing will automatically be
put back in your inventory

Here's what new things you can do in this version
1. Fishing SKILL. Including prawns (shrimp), bream (fish), trout,
lobsters and sharks. Here's a guide to fishing:
Prawns: You need to select your fishing net.
Click a circle of fish and hope it has prawns
Bream: (pronounced brim). Use your fishing rod on the
fishing circle. You also need bait. Bait is used
even when you don't catch a fish.
Trout: Trout are at different circles to prawns and bream
Use a fishing rod and feathers to catch them.
Lobsters: Same circles as trout (somehow, not very natural)
Use a lobster pot, simple. Need a high level fishing
Sharks: lvl 40 fishing is required. Catch by using a harpoon
on a fishing circle. You also need to have a net in
your inventory. Once you finally catch one, you need
a knife to fillet it. Once done, you can cook the
fillet - if you're a good enough chef that is.
Shark fillets heal 40 health.
2. Building (yay, not actually on RS!)
Take a pick, quarry a rock, and you get a stone.
Use a cold chisel and a hammer to make the stone into a brick
Take some logs and a saw, make them into planks.
Collect these materials and others from differen skills (such
as gold and silver from crafting and iron from smithing) and
of course, some GP, use a building PLAN, and place your new
structure. Some will be functional, such as a storage shed.

You can sell your goods to a trader. When you sell goods, their market
value depreciates - when you buy, it increases. Prices will gradually
return to their original amount.

Thanks for playing!

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Items & Skills

Cadisman RPG(c) 2005 Bradley Lanham -- Indeed Games -- Indeed005