All downloads are zipped (*.ZIP files) and must be extracted.

NEW – Qunreal… showcasing some Freebasic feature – open source

Click the link below to download Version 0.1 Alpha
Latest Update: 3/2/06:  
This game/demo has nothing to do with Cadisman
Download QUnreal (1.9 MB)


Click the link below to download Version 0.8.1 b Beta
Latest Update: 31/12/05: Most bugs from translation are gone
This version works with Windows XP
Download Cadisman 0.8.1 beta (1.66 MB)


Click the link below to download Version 0.8.2 b Beta Source Code
Latest Update: 18/1/06

You need version 0.8.1 (above) of the game to run this source properly
This version has not been tested… consult the readme.txt

Download Cadisman 0.8.2 beta Source (92 KB)

Click the link below to download Version 0.6 b Beta (original QBX version)
Latest Update: Can now drop objects. Some special weapons, and bug fixes.
WARNING: This game may not work with Windows XP
Download Cadisman 0.6 b (1.04 MB)


You can also download the resource kit which includes the following EXEs:

These are for the DOS version.

- mapedit.exe - The map editor
- itemedit.exe - my GUI editor for game items (like swords and food and stuff)
- udtedit.exe - my GUI Unit Data Editor edits units position, hp, icon etc
- iconfind.exe - Small prog to get number of icon to use in itemedit
- protile2.exe - my sprite/tile editor. Has some useful functions
Also included is the developer's guide - devguide.txt
NOTE: You must unzip these into the cadisman\ folder for them to work

Download Resource Kit (274 KB)

In QB chess you can play against either the computer or a fellow human.
watch this space, coming soon

If you need help that you can't find in the Help section,
or would like to be updated, please email me at this address:
Thanks for trying it out!

Items & Skills

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