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Combining the benefits of both the digital and analoge worlds, we provide 16 Track digital audio recording with the industry standard ProTools software, plus the warmth and "real-ness" of quality valve pre-amps and compressors. Or if you prefer to go purely analoge, we can capture all your sounds on 8 tracks of 1/4 inch reel to reel tape.

Affordable rates that let you make decisions based on whats best for your project instead of letting your budget control your decisions.

Our 5 seperate live rooms allow you to record from many different sources at once, while keeping total separation, giving you more options and a more flexible approach to recording.

Fun environment and friendly people to help you get the most out of your music knowing that it is YOUR music we are working with and we are here to help not to dictate.

Whether you're a full band wanting to do your next big album or a total novice to music, we can cater to all your needs, including great deals on artwork too.

Rehearsal Room Demo CD

Get a quick demo recorded from the rehearsal room.
all instruments miked up to seperate tracks, mixed and mastered in Protools, as many songs as you can get down in the rehearsal session.


Demo CD

2 days studio time, 1 day recording, 1 day mixdown, plus mastering.



4 days studio time, 2 days recording, 2 days mixdown, plus mastering.



8 days studio time, get as many songs as you like recorded and mixed plus mastering.



Mobile 16 track recording

from $40 p/h