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This site provides a range of orchid-related information, including images and a selection of flowering season charts. Where there is an image link in this site, you will find a marker like this . Click on it to reveal the image, using the 'back' button on your browser to return to the previous page.

Please, make sure you check this site regularly - I have a few projects in the pipeline that might interest you!

Such as this one - The first two CD roms by Orkology Kreations are complete. As an orchid grower, at least one of them will interest you. Click on the link here for more details about The Orchidopaedia volume 1: The genera descriptions.

List of habits for Cymbidium species. Originally published in the Sydney SPECIES Newsletter, it is now presented here for you to know what the species naturally does... Should help to defuse a few arguments and benching problems (it did for us anyway!) The information originally came from Du Puy and Cribb, 'The Genus Cymbidium' (Timber Press, 1988), which I recommend to anyone interested in the genus.

Cattleya Hardyana x C. Claesiana
Obtained originally from Wal Upton
of DoubleU Orchids One of the few
hybrids imaged at this site...



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