The Plants Directory.
    Volume 1, North-east NSW.

You are about to enter the Plants Directory: Volume 1, Northeast NSW. Before you go any further, I would like to point out a few things that will make it easier for you to understand what it is you are viewing.

Firstly, the site is fully framed and relies on JavaScript to make things happen. If your browser is not capable of viewing frames I recommend that you download Microsoft Internet Explorer. Although Netscape will show you the files, I have found through experience that the pages have been optimised for MS Internet Explorer and just don't look right in Netscape Navigator.

Secondly, the silvery circle or arc you see as a scale in many of the images is a 5 cent coin, which is about 20 mm across. I have had a few people think it is the moon, among other things! In MS Internet Explorer, if you stop your mouse pointer over an image the information about that image will be shown in a text box.

Thirdly, when the site opens, it forms 3 'pages' each showing different information. The first to open (and therefore at the back) is the genus information window. When you select a genus name, the information relevant to that genus will be shown in that window. The second window is a set of frames used to provide information (and if available, imagery) of the various species. The final page to open is an 'information' window, where things like the acknowledgements and glossary are presented. You can move between these three windows using the alt-tab key combination - hold down alt, and press tab until you get to the right page. Alternatively, go to the page by selecting it from the taskbar, if you have it showing.

Do note that this version lacks the Database query engine. I am afraid that I cannot 1) fit it on the disc, and 2) am unable to produce a 'trial version' of it.

If you would like to see the Northeast NSW Plants directory, please press here.
If you want to see a list of all of the taxa (species and subspecies) included in this first edition, please click here (but do note that it is a 110 KB file!)

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