The imagery captured by Orkology Kreations is available for licenced use under the following terms:

  1. Imagery is available for use only in a printed form. Imagery may not be used as imagery on a website or in a medium or format which makes it readily available for electronic copying.
  2. Imagery licence is purchased for a single use only. It is not to be on-sold or made available to third parties.
  3. Orkology Kreations retains all rights and copyright to the imagery. 'Purchase' is solely a licencing arrangement for the use of the imagery.
  4. Schedule of fees is as established by Orkology Kreations. Orkology Kreations reserves the right to modify or alter the charges at any time.

Imagery Prices Schedule - October 10th 2000.

  1. Imagery as captured for commercial use (300 x ? x 24bit 75 DPI JPG) - $20 per image.
  2. Imagery as captured for non-commercial use (300 x ? x 24bit 75 DPI JPG) - negotiable
  3. Imagery as captured for educational use (300 x ? x 24bit 75 DPI JPG) - negotiable
  4. Imagery recaptured from available hardcopy versions to alter size, resolution or format - $50 per image

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