Ü 1. Satin, Georgette, and embroidered lace, all available for hire.

Þ 2. Satin back crepe, Georgette, and Quipure lace. Hire from $150.

Þ 3. Satin back crepe, beaded individual small and medium daisies.

Ü 4 Delustered Satin Suede half circle skirt hanging off shaped, fitted piped bodice. Self-cover buttons on centre back. Hire - $200 with a $50 refund.

Ü 5 Medieval, satin bodice, with piped embossed inserts, and embossed satin Ribbon, has long Georgette sleeves, and Gathered Georgette skirt. Hire gown.

Ü 7. Satin back Shantung Jacquard gown with flare from low thigh, in-built tulle flounce at hem, and Delustered Satin Shawl Collar. Also for hire.

Þ 8. Straight Satin-back-shantung gown with 'strappy effect' on sleeves and shoulders. Approx $300, different price for different fabric.

Þ 9. Cheong Sam, Although not immediately available, can be made to order for purchase or hire.

Ü 10. Satin and Chiffon Romantic Daisy Gown. Available for hire, or orders taken.

Ü 11. Angela , although I will not make the exact same dress again you can order something similar.

Þ 12. Satin-back shantung gown with panels and satin piping. Approx $350.

Þ 13. Amelia is for sale or hire. This gown is made of 'Antique' Satin, under cream lace, but is available in most colours on request. Perfect for a garden or 2nd wedding. Approximately $400. Size 8, available for hire at $250 (with $100 refundable).

Ü Betty's gown was made of embroidered lace over cream satin, with beaded self motifs at neck, and pearl buttons down centre back, with elastic loops. The skirt hem was scalloped to match the lace edging. Approx $550.

Þ My Wedding Gown, which I both designed and made. My mother-in-law, and my aunt beaded it, and I attached the skirt to the bodice the morning of the wedding. However I did have the hat finished about three days before. My father-in-law purchased the ivory Satin lace-up-boots, without which the outfit would not have been complete. Thank God I was blessed with fantastic in-laws. It is hard to estimate the value, but because of the amount of beading it would have to be around $2000. It is not for sale, but is available to be looked at.










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