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In the life of a website, so much happens. Domains expire, servers go down, servers run out of space or time passes and the site is not updated. As the reader and visitor to this website who is looking for a solution, this can be frustrating and annoying.


This page will explain what is happening and why.


Active notice board


The Mickyj.com domain is not involved with spamming. We do not send out emails. Recently the domain has been involved in a number of spoof attacks. As there is no mail server at Mickyj.com and email is just relayed to my real email address then I have no mail server to be hacked or to spam with. This is a website only.

If you receive spam purportedly from mickyj.com please delete it. It did not come from us or this domain. Someone is fraudulently using this domain name.

for information about spoofing please look at http://www.mickyj.com/spoof.htm



Note changes to my backend domain. Any bookmarks including my RSS feed that link to something other than www.mickyj.com will not work. This also includes cached links in Google.



Change log

July 22 2012


Added Astrophotography pages


April 25 2012


Added TechNet news feed for my activities


April 25 2012


Edited the menu system to remove references to DODO Internet links


April 25 2012


Removed access to many pages on the site that are old, not used or I no longer consider myself able to represent and be knowledgeable on.


  • Home server

  • Microsoft Security updates

  • Industry dates

  • Free tools

  • Trial software

  • SDK's

  • Microsoft Service packs

  • Microsoft Runtime libraries

  • Microsoft Resource kits

  • 64 bit discussion

  • Culminis

  • Windows 7 Vienna

  • Competitions

  • Bulletin board

  • Charity requests

February 10 2012


Removed the Mickyj.com Forum. It was not being used enough to validate the cost of the power running the server


August 20 2011


Linked in the Mickyj.com Forum

Added page - Forum


August 7 2011


Relocated RSS feeds and Blog to http://blogs.msmvps.com/mickyj/


March 14 2011


Added alert bubble, resize most pages to 1024x768 and updated Copyright to 2011


September 11 2010


Due to my change of broadband plan, Mickyj.com became unavailable for 48 hours.


July 25 2010


Added a page about SBS 7

Added a page about baremetal recovery with IDR

Added a page about baremetal recovery with BESR

Added a page about baremetal recovery with the SBS NTbackup


April 11 2010


Added a page all about BTP

Added a page about HyperV


February 14 2010


Added a photography macro page


January 23 2010


Started a podcast page


December 9 2009


Started a new main page for photography


October 10 2009


Mickyj.com went offline due to an issue at the ISP. Service restored 16th October.


July 20 2009


Added Genealogy pages


June 22 2009


Added two new pages for BPS BlackBerry installations.


May 23 2009


Added Twitter feed to latest blog.



April 23 2009


Today mickyj.com was hacked. A dangerous iFrame exploit appeared on four pages. This has been repaired but lead to Google.com blocking access to the site and marking it as dangerous. This has been repaired.


The alert was posted here


March 2009



January 2009


Main web page edited to reduce clutter.

MVP logo removed.

Started changing pages from 800x600 to 1024x768

Changed colour scheme for first page

Running out of webspace, Looking into alternatives

Out of band patch alerts moved to their own page


September 2008


Main web page edited to remove 5AA links.



August 2008


New web pages created and edited.

New service to Flickr started

July 2008


New web pages created and edited.


June 2008


New web pages created and edited.


Added links for Del.icio.us, Digg, Technorati, Blinklist, Furl and reddit to select pages


March 2008


New web pages created and edited.

February 2008


New web pages created and edited.

December 2007

New webpages created and edited.

Added IE7 detection of RSS feeds


October 2007

This new webpage created. (websitenews.htm)


October 2007

Google indexes were pointing to old html files no longer available. The Crawl file was updated and pages repaired to reduce error 404 messages.


September 2007

Microsoft Security update posted


September 2007

updated the tools page to now include SpyBot search and destroy 1.5


September 2007

The Mickyj.com website uses URL redirection from NameZero.com to point to the host website at members.dodo.net..au. Dodo have cancelled the .net.au domain and elected to use .com.au. All previous links directly to the website or XML RSS feed have now broken. Old page records in Google now point to a non existent domain. I have requested google to index the new site and I hope the old links will be removed from the databases over time.


August 2007

Mickyj.com email domain name is being spoofed. I am receiving lots of email bounce backs to email I never sent. As this site does not have an email server (There is a catchall email domain attached to mickyj.com) then I am not able to send spam from this website. All spams are fraudulent.


July 2007

As space has become a premium, another community sub site on the Mickyj.com website (called Jota in the North) has been archived off to http://www.mickyj.com/jota - using Xoomwebs.com hosting. This is a free hosting hence it is very slow. As this sub web does not generate much traffic, this is seen as a way to keep both sites working as best as able, for free.


Blogs converted into a XML RSS feed

Icon created for the URL (Favicon)


June 2007

Due to the excessive amount of images and text, this website is running out of space with the ISP. If anyone has some web space they can lend to this community cause, it would be very much appreciated.


May 2007

Added Google Adwords to attempt to raise money for a larger amount of webspace without charging users. http://www.google.com.au/adwords    


April 2007

Page counter changed to Clustrmaps


For information previous to April 2007, look here for a brief history.













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