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Over the years I have collected utilities and various pieces of code. I carry with me a CD wallet of all my "Get me out of trouble" tools.

If I had to pick my top 20 most used tools, resources and Websites, and only carry those with me, this would be the list.
(This does not include my favorite tools, which I would use occasionally like Arrowkey CD inspector - for recovering data of bad CD/DVD disks. These are my most useful)

Top Tool http://groups.google.com Years of knowledge, questions and answers. From Star Trek to failed Exchange stores. From life experiences to desperate IT professionals seeking and finding solutions. This is the ultimate research tool.

Number 2 http://www.EventID.net Take your Windows Event log error, look it up here and benefit from other peoples experiences.

Number 3 Microsoft/Sysinternals Process Explorer Trap Malware, get control of your system and terminate the nasties.

Number 4 Hijackthis Tool to review your automatically starting applications and Internet Explorer Plug ins. Great for removing Malware or speeding up your systems bootup.

Number 5 GRC.com Shields up test An External Firewall tester. Great for finding leaks in your system.

Number 6 dialupass Recover Dialup and VPN passwords before you format a system.

Number 7 Mailpv Recover email passwords and settings before you format a system.

Number 8 Belarc Advisor Audit your systems, software and hardware.

Number 9 Get data back Very cool file recovery tool. You can recover files after you have repartitioned and formatted, depending on where the file was on the old file system.(Commercial Tool with Trial/Demo)

Number 10 Filerecovery for windows Brilliant recovery tool which I use for recovering photos of Compact Flash drives and SD cards.(Commercial Tool with Trial/Demo)

Number 11 Spybot Brilliant recovery tool which I use for recovering photos of Compact Flash drives and SD cards.

Number 12 Wininternals ERD Commander and Admin tools Great tool for recovering a downed server. You can check event logs, change services settings and passwords. Wininternals is now owned by Microsoft.

Number 13 Offline NT Password and registry editor Linux boot CD or Floppy disk to help reset the default Administrators password.

Number 14 Foldersize Service A nifty service that will help you work out where all your space has gone.

Number 15 Trend Micro Sysclean Grab this tool, the latest Pattern file from Trend and scan for viruses.

Number 16 ATF Cleaner Clean all your temp files, cookies etc with one tool.

Number 17 Mickyj Temp file cleaner Clears the temp files from multiple profiles on a multi user system. Great for Terminal Servers etc.

Number 18 SmitFraud Malware remover This tool clears Smitfraud and many other Malware items from your PC.

Number 19 GFI languard The ultimate security and Vulnerability checker. It will find those nasty unknown devices on your network.(Commercial Tool with Trial/Demo)

Number 20 Proxy Inspector for ISA Also available for other Proxy software tools. This software takes what ISA can report and drills down further through the logs.(Commercial Tool with Trial/Demo)

And there you have it. My essential tools. Put them on a USB key and carry them with you. They are a great help.









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