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Welcome to my SBS page for CRM

The best way to explain the CRM is to take a look. Take a look at this online Video.

If you are now thirsty for knowledge, have a look at the file:
Microsoft_Dynamics_ CRM 3.0_ReviewGuide.pdf

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    CRM has matured into Version 3. If you are a Microsoft Partner, You will have a copy with your Action pack or MSDN pack subscription. The product needs SQL (For Microsoft partners - Action pack), Exchange (For Microsoft partners - Action Pack) and if your server runs SBS, you have a perfect solution and can run Microsoft CRM Small Business Edition .

    Everything tracks and records in this program, everything is customisable to your business flow and accessible at your fingertips.

    If you need any inspiration with Microsoft CRM and it's web based forms, take a look at these images from google.

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    When you try to install Microsoft CRM, you receive a "Failed to install Microsoft Customer Relationship Management Server" error message
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