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SBS 2008 Links


This Mickyj.com page is a series of links and pointers I use at almost every SBS installation I do.
These are the tools, KB articles and references that I find invaluable.

I suspect you might also find these handy so I thought I would start a list for you.


If you are looking for SBS 2003 general information please refer to this page

Windows Small Business Server 2008 Service Pack 1
Not available yet


Email Tools
None listed yet



Languard network security tester
Superscan Port Scanner
GRC Firewall Penetration testing
Antirelay mail server test
DNS reports for your domain
Test your broadband speed
  Finding Faults

Event ID lookup
Trend Micro Housecall
PortQry Port status tool

Microsoft Sysinternals Here

Article showing the use of PortQry pt1     Article showing the use of PortQry pt2

Built in tools (XP, 2003)
"Nslookup.exe" for Domain DNS lookup
"telnet.exe" for remote telnet into any listening service (e.g. port 25 for smtp)
"netstat.exe" very useful with either the "-an", "-anob" or
    "-aon | find ":portnumber"" parameters. Find listing ports
"tasklist.exe" with the "/svc" command to look at running tasks
"pathping.exe" Trace a ping path to your destination
"tracert.exe" Trace the routes to your destination
"netsh.exe" Trouble shoot your network connection. Very useful with "-diag"



Bart's PE Builder CD
File scavenger
Workstation Migration - Email password revealer
Workstation Migration - Dialup and VPN password revealer
  Handy tools

Tree Size
Microsoft Access 97 runtime. Look on the internet for a file called msart80/.zip/.exe
Robust system copy (Robocopy)
AIDA32 System information tool
bginfo - Desktop Background information tool
Microsoft Sysinternals Here
Nullsoft netmon
  Third Party

Download Trend Evaluation software (Unlock this with your purchased serial number)
KB Number KB Description
To disable opportunistic locking on an NT machine

create the following registry entry-

Download Server registry settings
Download Workstation registry settings

To avoid the open file security warning from a network share

Open file - Security Warning appears when you run a file from network share
Add the location of the sites (IP & NS name) to the Local Intranet Trusted Sites, Click OK, Reboot machine if required and check if the warning is gone

Common SBS 2008 ports

25SMTP in
80WWW in (Not recommended)
443SSL (https) in for OWA, OMA, RWW etc
987Companyweb / Sharepoint
1723VPN (PPTP)

Private IP ranges
Class A - Any addresses in 10.x.x.x
Class B - Addresses in the range of 172.16.x.x-172.31.x.x
Class C - Addresses in the range of 192.168.0.x-192.168.255.x


Common router Passwords
File containing Default hardware Passwords (CSV file)
Asking for help
or find a user group for SBS!

Resource and Support kits can be found here
Service packs can be found here









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