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Update: September 2007 - I am still not actively promoting or installing SP2 for Windows server 2003. New OEM disks are coming with SP2 slipstreamed into the media. As longs as you install ISA 2004 SP3 and this Microsoft hot fix, the slipstreamed version seems to have very little issue.



A lot of pain has been felt with the Windows Service pack 2 for Windows server 2003. This is especially if you run SBS 2003 premium with ISA. Susan Bradley has been on top of things (As usual) and provided some excellent "get me out of trouble" tips.

It is a shame that the beta testers and number of MVP's testing this latest pack of fixes was not a very large group and this was not widely tested.

Your first stop should be the Microsoft Support pages
Windows 2003 service pack 2 known issues on Small Business Server 2003

For more specific issues take a look at
Win 2003 sp2 on Microsoft update now

Also, look at the release notes here

For more updates take a look at the SBS TechNet page here

Lastly, if you have the DHCP issue see the page called SBS SP1 + ISA 2004 = No DHCP?

If you have not installed this patch yet or have it paused in Wsus or autoupdate, read these pages before you install it.









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