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This Mickyj.com page is a series of links and pointers I use at almost every SBS installation I do.
These are the tools, KB articles and references that I find invaluable.

I suspect you might also find these handy so I thought I would start a list for you.


If you are looking for SBS 2008 general information please refer to this page
If you are looking for a page like this one for SBS 2008, links and important information, look at this page

If you have SBS R2 media from July 2006
Microsoft Small Business Server R2 bits are being recalled from partners who've received them because the latest build inadvertently included some old code, Microsoft said Friday.

"We discovered an issue in the manufacturing process and are recalling the outstanding editions and reissuing them,"
said Steven van Roekel, director of Windows Server Solutions.
"In that build process, someone mistakenly grabbed some of the older core components which were included."
This issue does not occur in newer copies of the software and a solution was issued to correct it for those with old copies.

If you have SBS R2 SP2 media from August 2007

Please look here

Don't forget to look on the tools page and in my blogs for more tools and valuable links.

Windows Small Business Server 2003 Service Pack 1

Main Microsoft SBS download site
Download KB889101
Download kb841876
Download Exchange 2003 SP1
Download KB891193
Download KB885918
Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB827214)

For Australian Premium users, order SP1 here

  Windows Small Business Server 2003 Service Pack 2

Please look here first

Download the service pack

  SBS Services

Windows XP SP2
Windows SharePoint Services Service Pack 1
Windows SharePoint services SP2
Microsoft ASP.NET ValidatePath Module
Configures the Windows Firewall in Windows XP Service Pack 2 on Windows Small Business Server 2003 networks
Software Update Services 1.0 with Service Pack 1

Download the Exchange IMF feature, ExchangeIMF.MSI
Scanpst.exe (Repair corrupt PST files) Located in
C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033"
ol2k2sec (Change the Attachment security)
Recover a PST from an OST with ost2pst
Recover lost mdb email folders with PowerControls
Download Exchange 2003 SP2
Introduction to Recipient Policies in Exchange 2003 (Using % parameters)
Hotmail for testing email externally
Netaddress for testing email externally
292509 How to configure an account to use the ExMerge utility in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003

Languard network security tester
Superscan Port Scanner
GRC Firewall Penetration testing
Antirelay mail server test
DNS reports for your domain
Test your broadband speed
  Finding Faults

You have to check out the cool utilities at www.sysinternals.com
Explore system processes (Sysinternals)
Monitor file access (Sysinternals)
Monitor Registry changes (Sysinternals)
Event ID lookup
Trend Micro Housecall
winsocktool for testing ports
PortQry Port status tool

NEW! Microsoft has moved Sysinternals to Here

Article showing the use of PortQry pt1     Article showing the use of PortQry pt2
Built in tools (XP, 2003)
"Nslookup.exe" for Domain DNS lookup
"telnet.exe" for remote telnet into any listening service (e.g. port 25 for smtp)
"netstat.exe" very useful with either the "-an", "-anob" or
    "-aon | find ":portnumber"" parameters. Find listing ports
"tasklist.exe" with the "/svc" command to look at running tasks
"pathping.exe" Trace a ping path to your destination
"tracert.exe" Trace the routes to your destination
"netsh.exe" Trouble shoot your network connection. Very useful with "-diag"

support tools
netdiag /fix (To fix broken DNS servers)

resource kit

Reset local administrator account passwords

Windows Recovery Console
install Recovery Console On servers
Bart's PE Builder CD
GetDataBack from
File scavenger
Workstation Migration - Email password revealer
Workstation Migration - Dialup and VPN password revealer
  Handy tools

Folder Size tool (Explorer plug-in)
Tree Size
Microsoft Access 97 runtime. Look on the internet for a file called msart80/.zip/.exe
Robust system copy (Robocopy)
AIDA32 System information tool
bginfo - Desktop Background information tool

NEW! Microsoft has moved Sysinternals to Here

Nullsoft netmon
  Third Party

Download APC monitoring software (pcbesetup.exe)
Download Trend Evaluation software (Unlock this with your purchased serial number)
KB842933 Install this update if you receive the String is too long error when trying to open a Group Policy object from a computer running Windows 2000
KB831464 Update for Windows Server 2003 - Gzip fix for Exchange and IIS
KB835734 This update helps resolve an issue where after restarting a Windows Server 2003-based computer running the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service with or without Exchange Server 2003, the Inetinfo.exe process unexpectedly crashes and then restarts. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.
KB835734 When using the POP3 connector you may see a large amount of unexpected e-mails on the Exchange SMTP queues waiting to be sent out to external recipients.
KB833992 POP3 Connector Fails to Download Mail with Windows Small Business Server 2003. This issue causes the process IMBDOWNL.EXE to be hung with the CPU utilization at 25, 50 or 100%.
KB830801 This hotfix corrects a problem with the Help and Support Center in which Japanese-language Help files where incorrectly included in the English-language version of Windows Small Business Server 2003.
KB816458 ISA Server 2000 - Vulnerability in H.323 Filter Can Cause Remote Code Execution A critical security vulnerability exists in the H.323 filter for Microsoft ISA Server 2000 that could allow an attacker to overflow a buffer on the Microsoft Firewall Service in Microsoft ISA Server 2000.
KB840654 Your VPN connection is disconnected after several minutes in Windows XP
872769 You cannot configure Windows Firewall settings or Security Center settings on a Windows XP Service Pack 2-based client computer that is in a Windows Small Business Server 2003-based network
145881 How to Use Jetpack.exe to Compact a WINS or DHCP Database
16835 Trend Micro - Manual uninstallation procedure for ServerProtect for NT (SPNT) 5.56 on Windows Server 2003
283284 Blank page or page cannot be displayed when you view SSL sites through ISA Server

Dim root
Dim tpRanges
Dim newRange
Set root = CreateObject("FPC.Root")
< Set tpRanges = root.GetContainingArray.ArrayPolicy.WebProxy.TunnelPortRanges
set newRange = tpRanges.AddRange("SSL 8088", 8088, 8088)
KB268437 "NLB Failed to Start" Error Message on Windows 2000 If NLB Is Not Installed
25023Trend Micro - Troubleshooting guide for when OfficeScan users get a Page cannot be displayed error when logging into the Management Console
264658 VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) 9.1 for Windows Servers revision 4691.1 (Single .ZIP download)
261457 Veritas - "The backup of the item is bad"
KB247989 Domain Controllers Require the "Log on Locally" Group Policy Object for Terminal Services Client Connections
Also information in
Google Groups

Slow file copy and SMB fix for 2003 server

DHCP credential error in event log

To configure DNS dynamic update credentials
Open DHCP. In the console tree, click the applicable DHCP server. (DHCP/applicable DHCP server) On the Action menu, click Properties. In Server Properties, click the Advanced tab, and then click Credentials. The DNS dynamic update credentials dialog box appears. In DNS dynamic update credentials, type the information required to provide credentials that will determine DNS record ownership, and then click OK.

To disable opportunistic locking on an NT machine

create the following registry entry-

Download Server registry settings
Download Workstation registry settings

Mouse not functional with the following error:

    Event ID: 18
    Service i8042 prt
    The device sent an incorrect response(s) following a mouse reset

Turn off wheel feature of the mouse (on a server)

To avoid the open file security warning from a network share

Open file - Security Warning appears when you run a file from network share
Add the location of the sites (IP & NS name) to the Local Intranet Trusted Sites, Click OK, Reboot machine if required and check if the warning is gone

Configuring Alerting in ISA Server 2004
Configuring Alerting in ISA Server 2000
Getting ISA and your Sharepoint Online Gallery to work together
Windows XP client/Java Security "Password Needed-Networking" popup
Correct use of the Officescan port

Common SBS ports
25SMTP in
80WWW in (Not recommended)
443SSL (https) in for OWA, OMA, RWW etc
1723VPN (PPTP)

Private IP ranges
Class A - Any addresses in 10.x.x.x
Class B - Addresses in the range of 172.16.x.x-172.31.x.x
Class C - Addresses in the range of 192.168.0.x-192.168.255.x

ISA 2004 Cisco VPN rule (XML file)

Common router Passwords
File containing Default hardware Passwords (CSV file)
Asking for help
or find a user group for SBS!

Resource and Support kits can be found here
Service packs can be found here









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