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I had a quiet little RSS feed on my site and suddenly, I am constantly being emailed about this thing called RSS and the noise is deafening.

Firstly, this is a community site. I have no money to support it so I get web space where I can.


Latest Blog RSS feed


As of August 2011 I have moved the RSS to my WordPress blog at MSMVPS.com. The new links are: 



Mickyj.com Forums (Discontinued Feb 2012)



Flickr Photo feed for those who love photos



TechNet feed



If you want to know a little about RSS, take a look at the site that inspired me.

Making An RSS Feed By Danny Sullivan

If you want some really cool SBS RSS feeds, look at:

Javier's SBS Wonderland

Looking at the world - from Down Under

E-Bitz - SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS Diva


SBS FAQ - Wayne Small - SBS MVP

KC on Exchange and Outlook


canthe's WebLog

Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley

Aimless Ramblings from a Blithering Lunatic . . .

kbAlertz - Small Business Server

Slipstick - Outlook and Exchange News

Windows .NET Magazine - Small Business Server

Microsoft Download Center

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    Mickyj RSS History:


    Previous to August 2011


    The previous feeds will run for a while to redirect people.

    The web site is www.mickyj.com however, the old RSS feed was the real site behind my website.
    My old feed was :


    Note that this changed from .net.au to .com.au 13 September 2007

    f you do not have an RSS reader and want to check in on my feed, click here.

    If you have IE7, due to the weird domain effect created by my web server host, you need to go direct to my website to get the little RSS feed icon to light-up in the top tool bar.

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