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Due to the huge array of jobs I take on, community projects and large network base of companies I deal with, I have decided not to most my resume.


I am currently a director of Business Technology Partners. I was previously the IT Manager and Senior Systems Engineer for Copyworld, I work in the community with "Not for profits", scouts and other organizations. I have had radio talkback sessions on the ABC and 5AA, appeared on TV (Today Tonight) and appeared in printed media (Most notably MacWorld and local Newspapers).

My interests cover programming, engineering and so much more.


It is due to all this, my resume simply does not fit in my web space. The PDF version alone exceeds my available space which I would rather use to blog and get information to you.


If you are interested in seeing my resume, please send me a request via email. Yes, I read my email. You might be stuck in amongst the spam but I do read them .


Michael J Jenkin. MCP (MVP 2004-2008) Small Business Specialist and Pre installation Specialist.











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