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Title Time Size
Episode 1


(2) Security # IE6 - Out of Band 6 Minutes 5.6 Mb
My first test podcast. A small discussion about the recent media hysteria around Internet Explorer.
Episode 2


(3) Malware # Using Hijackthis 6 Minutes 5.6 Mb
Fine tuning your PC or removing Malware. Hijackthis can help. In this podcast I aim to help you safely use Hijackthis. Refer to my help page.
Episode 3


Malware # Using Malware Bytes    
How do you use MalwareBytes ? Do you really need to pay for it ?
Episode 4


Malware # Manually finding nasties    
How do I manually clear Malware from workstations using file system knowledge and network shares ?
Episode 5


Malware # Why do I get spam?    
Surely I can't buy all this Viagra ? Why am I a target ?
Episode 6


Security # The evils of social networking tools.    
Should I allow Twitter or Facebook at work ?
Episode 7


Security # Why can Skype and peer-peer tools be bad ?    
A look a peer-peer technologies

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