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This page includes events in my life, articles I have written or news articles (mostly IT or Photography related) that quote me or mention me. From this, you can follow me through the highs and lows of IT in Australia. (With the odd photo included)



January  2013

I met with Robert Llewellyn from Red Dwarf !!


November  2012

ABC 891 Radio used a photo of mine for their website and Facebook page



November  2012

Physics World used a photo of mine of the Solar eclipse




November  2012
I have been nominated for the SMB150 for 2013.




August  2012

Atomic Maximum Power Gaming - 140 edition - Post of the month !



Atomic Maximum Power Gaming - Discussion on Microsoft SBS server

Referenced on Page 7 of the Magazine


This is a forum reply that was deemed appropriate for a mention in the magazine.



July 1 2012

Began my own paper.li newspaper


June 26 2012

Podcast - Episode 31 - Michael Jenkin



June 2012

CRN page 80. Title: SA Veteran wins global SMB gong




April 18 2012

ARN page 18. Title: Connecting up, About my SMB150 award nomination




April 2012

smbNATION magazine (USA)


Page 9, list of SMB150 winners including yours truly

April 17 2012

I have been awarded a position in the SMB150 for 2012. I am in the top 150 people in the world that is influencing and working in the SMB sector.




April 4 2012

Press Release: SMB150





March  2012

Interview with Canada's Association of Information Technology Professionals




March 7 2012

ARN page 16. Title: Out of the box. a 3.5 year review of BTP



Feburary 15 2012

I have been nominated for the SMB150 for 2012.




October  2011

Small article in the Microsoft TechNet flash email for GITCA




May 18 2011

Article in ARN magazine. pg 16. "Do you fear the cloud?"






April 10 2011

Presentation to  Australian Legal Practice Managers regarding hacking. Profile here.


April 4 2011

Article from ARN magazine gets traction  on the ops.centre website




March 23 2011

Article in ARN magazine. pg 16.



also online here




March 2011

Article in Community News in India (for Teched 2011) - GITCA



March 9 2011

Article in ARN magazine. pg 14.

also online here




January, 30 2011


Robert Tremethick has bought a 400 class train and wants to have originals of photos of mine from Flickr. A privilege to supply these.




January, 27 2011


Eric Goodwin from McClatchy-Tribune Information Services (MCT) wants my red back spider photos. It is a pleasure to be able to provide photos. 



November,4 2010

Article in ARN magazine.

also online here


October, 16 2010

Ran the IT for the Glenelg Jota 2010.



September, 2010

Two of my photos have been block mounted and are up for auction for disability charities. Disability Information and Resource Centre in South Australia have made this possible.



August, 2010

My photo of a Pelican made the font cover of the Port Parham Sports and Social Club Newsletter




July, 2010

I have accepted the volunteer position as the Chairman APAC for Global IT Community Association.

For a list of the board members look here


March, 2010

The Yorke Peninsula County Times Newspaper (South Australia)


Photos I took appeared in this newspaper on 10 March 2010, Pages 6 and 47.


The storm damage shown in my photos was discussed here.


December, 2009

Dave The Pedal Car Guy


One of my photos features on this page



November, 2009

Inside Waste Weekly News - Dec 2009



One of my photos features in an article on page 12





November, 2009

Atomic Maximum Power Gaming - 106 edition



Atomic Maximum Power Gaming - Where have all the thinkers gone ?, What makes you a valuable asset in the IT industry !

Referenced on Page 7 of the Magazine


This is a forum reply that was deemed appropriate for a mention in the magazine.


October 7, 2009



Photo I took of my father made it online and the front cover of the newspaper.



October 6, 2009


Adventures of 891 ABC Adelaide's Roving Reporter Tim Noonan

Read "Port Parham Whale" »

My father and the whale (With a Photo I took)


October, 2009

October 09 Classic car run (Some of my photos)



October, 2009


Networking evening at Tandanya



October, 2009

Atomic Maximum Power Gaming - 105 edition (Magazine name change)




Referenced on Page 7 of the Magazine


This is a forum reply that was deemed appropriate for a POTM in the magazine.

(Post of the month)



..... Hey, I won. I received a Cyber Snipa Stinger mouse


September, 2009


One of my photos made it up onto the Messenger website



September, 2009

Atomic Maximum Power Computing - 104 edition


"Why I have concerns about Microsoft, A list, published in the interest of openness"


Referenced on Page 7 of the Magazine


This is a forum reply that was deemed appropriate for a mention in the magazine.



August, 2009

Sixth and last article on Cloud computing




July 7, 2009

Today is was announced I will no longer be a regular contributor to MacWorld Australia. Budgets are shrinking all over and changes need to be made. Unfortunately my column is one of those that has been cut.



Time to throw myself into another project. Today I have started a role as an online Manager for PartnerPoint Linked in Group - SMB for Microsoft Partners. Expect more articles and blogs than you can handle !






July, 2009

Fifth article on Cloud computing





June, 2009

Forth article on Cloud computing




June, 2009

Gawler Car Club - Photo


  1. Gawler Veteran Vintage & Classic

  2. Journal June 09 web.pdf contains a photo I took at the Motor Museum.


May, 2009

Third article on Cloud computing




May 22, 2009



Page 1


Quotes from myself about the IT section of the Australian Stimulus package and Tax breaks



May 6 2009

The Right Honorable Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Michael Harbison




May  2009

CRN Culminis Announcement about my appointment as Vice chairman, pg 77





April 21 2009

Presentation to  Australian Legal Practice Managers regarding Gen "Y" and Facebook use at work.





April, 2009

Second article on Cloud computing




March 7, 2009

One of my Flickr photos has been included in www.schmap.com map guides for San Francisco.

Direct link






March, 2009

First article on Cloud computing





February 18, 2009

One of my Flickr photos is a finalist in the list of photos to be included in www.schmap.com map guides for San Francisco.





February 11, 2009



Page 1


Short interview and quotes from myself about the IT section of the Australian Stimulus package



January 22, 2009

Today the news I had been sitting on for almost a month, has been released. I have joined the Culminis team as the Vice Chairman for the APAC region.


More details about the new board can be found here

More details about each member can be found here

More information regarding Culminis can be found here





January 20, 2009

Today I joined the contributors of the Australian MacWorld. Whilst I have been in print previously (Newspapers and Industry journals) this will be my first article in a widely published magazine. Obviously being a Microsoft Windows person, this will be an interesting experience.







January 8, 2009

Participated in IT Talkback radio with Sonya Feldhoff (Mornings Producer)






January 1, 2009

Today I retired from the Microsoft MVP program and became an Alumni after 5 years of service.


December 22, 2008

Something is happening with Culminis that I can't reveal at this time.


Culminis is a support group for IT professional User groups. This is a world wide group.





December 1, 2008

Today I had the chance to meet with Alan Noble, Engineering Director of Google!




November 5, 2008

I was available for Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 and EBS at the Microsoft Booth at the latest SA Distributor show for Leader Computers. Also present was Wayne Small.





October 27, 2008

Issue 256, Page 12, "Do you want Fries with that"

A discussion on the Reseller channel and servicing.



October 1, 2008



Page 6 (After Hours)


Interview with myself about my after hours activities and thoughts (non I.T.)

September 29, 2008


Issue 254 Page 3, 16 (Editors comments, My Article page16 - Strategic partnering)

How the Reseller and VAR channel benefits from partnerships.



September 16, 2008

CRN Online - Opinion: Will you partner with Dell?

My answer is NO!


September 15, 2008




Issue 253 Page 3 (Editors comments regarding Dell, Quotes from myself)


July, 2008

My profile is up on the Microsoft Techconnect website




July 16, 2008



Page 5 (BTP Interview)


This is the first printed press interview regarding my new Business venture - Business Technology Partners Pty LTD.



July 14th, BTP start trading

Mickyj page - Press release


July 11, 2008


Hari Tharmakumar (Toshiba) and Michael Jenkin

- Michael's last day at Copyworld


July 9, 2008

Online news 9 July 2008



This is the first online press interview regarding my new Business venture - Business Technology Partners Pty LTD. (This appeared in the printed ARN magazine July 16)





July 5, 2008

iPhone Article (Page 44) - Quotes from myself


20 June 2008



SBS Downunder Blog on the Technet page


13 June, 2008

Adam Internets - The Adams Family evening to raise money for Variety Club



Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

Michael Jenkin with Nykaj Nair (Cisco SMB)

Also present at the table Fred Barwa-Bosco (Ingram Micro- HP, Hewlett Packard)

Lewis Willoughby (Express Data)


June 4, 2008

Vista SP1 Article written by myself (Page 12 of the TV Guide lift out)

May 21, 2008

Yahoo 7 News - Today Tonight Website




Article regarding phone scams. Appeared on TV May 20, 2008


May 20, 2008

Channel 7 - today Tonight


Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

Interview regarding phone scams. First appeared in 2005

April 08

ALPMA (SA) - Australian Legal Practice Management Association


Presentation on SMB security and Metadata


March 08

SBS users - Malware and Heroes Happen - Windows 2008 Terminal Services

This presentation was very well received. The Malware information was absorbed at a massive rate and there were many questions. Thanks to all those that attended.

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)


March 08

SA Scout, PG 9, Call sign VK5 FQDN


March 08

Thanks to those who came up to me during the Adelaide Microsoft Heroes Happen tour. There were not many as everyone was off enjoying the feast Microsoft had organized.


Windows server 2008 is going to be a big one and if the numbers of people who came to this  event is anything to refer to, it is going to be bigger and more accepted than ever expected.


Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)


Feb 08

My employment sees me working heavily with Toshiba. As such, that gets me close to some famous people. Here we have the Vodaphone and Toshiba Racing teams Clipsal 500 Drivers Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup.


Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)


Jamie won the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide Australia in Feb 2008.

December 07

I will be mentioned in the December UPdate (Microsoft Unlimited Potential Newsletter)

November 07

I was available for Microsoft Home Server and Small Business Server at the Microsoft Booth at the latest SA Distributor show for Leader Computers.




October 07

The 50th International Jota, 11th Joti

This years event has been and gone. We have our new logo and had an excellent event. For more information visit http://www.mickyj.com/jota


September 07

The Australian Government Communications and Media Authority authorized my Amateur foundation radio license !



August 07

The Australian


I was interviewed about Microsoft Home Server



June 07

Photos taken by mickyj, at the Paxton Vineyards 100th anniversary appeared in a local Mc laren Vale Newspaper

May 07



I now will have a semi regular spot talking about IT on 5AA. Be sure to listen in and provide feedback.




May 07

Mark O'shea of Microsoft, has asked me to present the OEM Partner briefing for OPK and Home server.


March 07

Off to Redmond at the invitation of Microsoft.

November 2006

I became a Microsoft Small Business Specialist


March 2006

Thank you Microsoft.

Microsoft, an official sponsor of the Melbourne Commonwealth games 2006, arranged for
arranged for me and a number of MVP's to attend the dress rehearsal of the Commonwealth
games opening ceremony. This was a fantastic event best observed live. The ceremony,
crowds and noise was fantastic.

Thanks again Microsoft.


February 1, 2006 ARN Page 32

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

January 7th 2006, I was on the set of Dryzone.
Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

On 24 November, I appeared nationally across Australia on today Tonight (Ch 7) regarding an exposed phone scam.

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

Also in November, I was at the Microsoft / Leader OEM stand in Adelaide

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

And at the Microsoft for Partners and Intel conference

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

(That sign says SBS Users Group)

On 15th October, I meet with the Mayor of Salisbury as he opened Jota for the 10th year.

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

On 27th April 2005, I spent my birthday with 400 of my Microsoft friends in Singapore (2nd Photo with Kally Co, Microsoft).
Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)
Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

On April 6th, Christchurch New Zealand I presented SBS for Microsoft. It was fantastic to see the passion of the New Zealand Market.

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

On March 23rd I joined Sukhdev and became a part of the Culminis Global team www.culminis.com Exciting times ahead

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

Jan 03 2005, The Uniting Church youth event "NCYC" began. Imagine almost 1500 - 2000 people at the opening ceremony in the lovely creek bed, an then it rained.
I had the task of managing the FM Radio, Media, IT and Telephony. SharePoint Team services really came into it's own here with 150 client workstations.

November 23 2004, I was in Sydney to assist with the Microsoft SMB Roadshow.
I had a chance to join in with the experts both onstage and afterwards.
Shown here we have David from Microsoft (Sydney), Jeff (MVP, USA) and Henry (MVP, Melbourne).

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

November 21 2004, I attended a Garden Party at the Scout Woodhouse Complex. I have received a 2004 Premiers award.

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)
October 24th 2004, I attended a ceremony at South Australia's Government house. I attended along with a few others of my team. We volunteer and do work in the community. Most notably, the scout movement.

Her Excellency, The Governor, Marjorie Jackson-Nelson AC CVO MBE was present to witness the awards. My award was signed by His Excellency Major General Michael Jeffery AC CVO MC , Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj) Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

October has been again. We had a very successful Scout World Wide Jamboree on the air and internet.

JOTA/JOTI - The World's largest Scout activity!

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)
Search on Joti/Jota
Visit a Joti website

Thanks goes out to all those that have helped me in previous years. To Mark Menadue, to Jamie Penhall and Tyson Williams. To all the others that have shown a great community spirit!, Cheers to you all !

There are more photos on the project page.

July 2004, World Scout Day honors list

I received a scout day honor award


April 2004 - Seattle - Redmond - USA - Microsoft


Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

Michael Jenkin with Aaron, the man who came up with RWW

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

Michael Jenkin with well known Author, Harry Brelsford, CEO, SMB Nation. At his home on Bainbridge Island - Seattle

Michael gets a signed copy of Jason Gerards latest book

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

Michael at Microsoft

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

Michael again with Harry

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

Michael and Sharon on Harry's verandah


January 2004 - Awarded the MVP award from Microsoft


January 2004 - Radio Interview

January 2004 - AJ2004 IT team

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

July 2003

I received my Construction Industry "Green Card" from the Common Safety Induction Course.
"Workers can undertake common induction training which can be used at various work sites".

I am now able to work on construction sites.

I also passed my Senior First Aid certificate.



Bowing to external pressures, I now have a link for news items before 2004. It is sparse but there are a few items on it now. Take a look at little mickyj.









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