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Mickyj.com is a community website based around Small Business Server support.


I, Michael Jenkin, blog here, link to software, betas, contact details and more.  You can contact me through the site.


Mickyj.com is currently free and I have no intentions of making it anything other than free. The name Mickyj was not a suggestion but rather grew from the community. It is a nickname I did not have to pick, it picked me.





In 1991 I used a slip dialup service to connect via a terminal session into a UNIX mainframe and read, respond to email and issues in newsgroups using Tin. If you used the finger command you could see my "plan" and it contained my community information.


In 1995 the site was a personal website linked from the defunct Australian ISP EISA (Edge Internet Australia). There was no specific web address as it was just a member site at www.eisa.net.au/~mjenkin and the site was not called Mickyj.com. It contained various HTML code samples and hardware discussions ranging from IDE vs. RLL and MFM hard drive technologies. It was a very basic site with about 1 hit a week. This was the age of dialup and very  slim gif files. The site was lean and did not provide much function.


In 1998 I purchased the domain www.michaelsworld.aust.to (Tonga) as it was very cheap. I based my theme on Wayne's World (The movie). I had more web space and became more creative. It grew into a site that provided more code samples and technical tips. This maybe got 10 views a week.


In 2000 I subscribed to a free name service called Namezero and registered Mickyj.com for the first time. It is now a paid for domain service and gets up to 50 hits per day.


From 2000 to 2008, the website was hosting various Scout Joti pages for the Salisbury North Scout Group and a Christian clothing outlet, Hot Cross Culture.


In 2008, the photo section under Personal became too big and linked into Flickr.


The website is currently linked to http://members.dodo.com.au/~michaeljenkin







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