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Malware bytes has firmly cemented itself in place in my toolkit. You can download it from Malwarebytes.org. Here is a direct link. If you like the product, please purchase it. (If you Google looking for this tool, be careful what link you select. There are many domain hijackers out there that are indexed by Google, and contain fake MalwareBytes downloads. They force you to pay for the product and infect you for your trouble).


Download the program (you will normally be put through to one of Malware bytes hosting partners). Save "mbam-setup.exe" in a place where you can find it.


Once downloaded, please double click it to start the install.  



NOTE: If you double click the MalwareBytes icon or installer and it does not start, even if after waiting considerable time, then it is likely a Virus or Malware is preventing it from working. You need to seek a professional for assistance.


During the installation select your language (English), elect to accept their terms and conditions, click next and then choose somewhere to install it (The default is fine). The default name is also fine and let the installation create a desktop icon. Finally click install. On the last screen select to download the MalwareBytes data files and to run the program. If you intend to update manually, unselect both.


Clicking  finish will bring up a download window and will update the program, then it will start.


When it comes up on the screen, the default selection is "Perform quick scan". This is the option I normally take as it finds most things and is fairly fast. A full scan can take hours. You can also see an update tab, which you can use to update your software data files later.


For now, on the scanner tab, push scan. One item to note, whilst there is a purchase button at the bottom of the screen, this is optional (And recommended). You can complete a scan and removal of Malware for free.


When the scan is complete, the results will be shown. I have found that during the scanning process, if you poke about in the various Malware Bytes menu's, the scan stops so when the scan runs, leave it alone. At the end, select the items you want to remove and remove them. Malwarebytes might tell you the system needs a reboot.


All done.



NOTE: If you click the MalwareByes update and it will not update then it is likely a Virus or Malware is preventing it from working. You need to seek a professional for assistance.


You could attempt to download the update on another machine and manually update via USB key. Here is a link to the

Update Detection files



I recommend Trend Micro Housecall.

I also recommend you use Spybot at least once a month, if not weekly.


Note: The latest Trend Micro products prefer if you do not have Spybot installed. If you install any of their products, please uninstall Spybot. Trend includes anti Malware within their products.



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    This is not a Malware (Spyware) solution. This is part of a solution. This is the first step to removing Malware from your computer. You need resident antivirus and a good firewall. Now, please download Spybot and run it on your machine.