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I have been asked ... "What are my origins ?"

I started playing with the little tennis games on TV. The type with paddles and monochrome screen (Would be worth allot these days. From here, z80's, went through Spectrums, upgraded to C64's , Amigas, Atari (ST and 2600) Sega Saturn's and SC3000 units Amstrad CPC 6128's, Amstrad PCW512 with Daisy wheel printers then NEC APC. I moved to a 386 SX 16 MHz with Math's co pro and then through 486, 486 overdrives and then Pentiums to today.


I have gone from Cartridges, tape, 64kb, 8" inch disks, 160 kb single sided, 320 kb, 5.25", 3.5" 1.44 to SyQuest, Zip and Jazz units. I have a 60 MB tape backup and ram going from Zips, Sips to Simms.


I have played with DOS 1, 3.3, 4, 5, 6, 6.21, 6.22 and GEN, Windows, OS/2, Linux, Novell, OS9 and more.


I have programmed in Basic, Assembly, Pascal, Delphi, Visual basic, VBscript and more.


What got me started ? None of this. The Dot matrix printers, CGA screens and mouse less computers above were a means to an end. I had assignments and my father had the means to help me use technology.


I was interested as a 14 year old in the Turtle in logo on the BBC micro and wondered about this thing called "word processing". It was a cool thing to do but of little interest in the real world.


I studied hard and had good scores in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I obtained a place an the Adelaide University (Mawson Lakes - the levels) and started to study in Electrical Electronic Engineering.


I soon found myself in the computer labs. It was great that I had an email address and was one of the first (Since 1987). I was dialing into a server (STD) Rates and using a slip connection to run Elm and Tin newsreader.


But I wanted more. This is where my studies suffered and mind wandered. I then left University after 2 years and started working for Mr Computer. This is where it all started. Later I then went to Tafe and started the Radio servicing Degree and started programming Z80's to do mindless things.


My IT life really begun in 1992.


Here are some early recollections


1995 - Advertiser - Interview Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)


1996 - At Mr Computer (The year 3DFX became big)

Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)

With Mr Computer and Cherry Computers I also completed courses in Retail security and how to deal with theft.


1999 - Meeting Warwick Moss from "The Extraordinary" during a scout Jota (I setup the computers)

In 1999 I was also made an honorary member of the Salisbury North Scout troop.


2000 - On page 9 of the Compaq (Now HP) journal. (In the black suit, center, first image)


Michael Jenkin MVP (AKA Mickyj)


In late 1999 and 2000 a software product I help develop (and finished up as the lead programmer) called Gymfit 2000, was sold to the Sydney Olympics team and some "up and coming" stars (Anna Kournikova included). This was a project based on Access 97 and worked in workgroup networks.


In the year 2000 I also achieved my first MCP Exam.




I also became an AMD gold partner, Trend Micro Gold Partner and started my first Microsoft pre installation exams. I have since completed Sales and Preinstallation exams for everything from Windows 95 - Server 2003. I have participated in Cisco Bootcamps and even Alcatel PABX training.


In 2001 I completed a Workright Australia Time Management course.









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