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Lessons in HyperV


I have been playing with HyperV for some time now and I have learnt a great many lessons.


I have learnt that allocating masses of ram to a HyperV child, increases the page file, which is in the same VM image and can slow everything down.


I have learnt trying to virtualise a server with lots of users on normal hardware, is not going to cut it. You need blades and a SAN.


I have learnt to virtualise a BizTalk, SQL or MySQL server, you are best to use pass through drives for the databases.


I have found pass-through drives work best as a 2 disk RAID 0 Stripe. I found adding a third disk increases the access time and using a RAID5 is just silly, even if you have 8 spindles to maximize the speed.


In my travels I have tried Novell SUSE 10 SP2 with the integration software installed and tried Ubantu and  Fedora without integration. I have virtualized server 2008 and 2003. I have used the Core version and normal version of HyperV.


I plan to put my findings on this page over the coming weeks.


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