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Housecall Version 6.5


Open Internet explorer and go to the following website:




Click Scan now, It's free (Opens an new web page)


Click the check box, Yes I accept the terms.


You will be asked to choose between the Java and ActiveX (Browser plug in) versions of the scanner. (If you have used this site previously, it will use the method you selected at the last visit)


Note: If you choose a Browser plug in (ActiveX), you will have the least troublesome installation.


Click start using Housecall on the appropriate technology


  • If you choose Java, you will need to download and install Java (From Sun Microsystems)

  • If you choose Active X, you will be prompted to download and install the software from Trend Micro. You might be prompted to allow the download or you might get a yellow bar at the top of the Internet explorer screen informing you a download has been blocked. You would then need to right click the yellow bar and tell it to allow the installation to continue.


Once you are done installing the software, Housecall will download the latest Antivirus and Malware information. (You can also opt to change to the other technology if this procedure fails in any way)


Click next on "Scan complete computer for Malware, Grayware and vulnerabilities"


Try not to now use your browser to do anything else. Let the system scan. At the end you will get the results of you scan and any Malware found will be listed.


Now you should scan your system with Spybot






If you do not have any antivirus, please consider a trial of Pccillin Internet Security

If you find you are unable to get the machine onto the internet, consider downloading the standalone scanner Trend Micro Sysclean and the latest Trend Micro Pattern file.

Download them both into the same location, extract the pattern file and run Sysclean.

Sysclean Package

Virus Pattern File (Official Pattern Release)

If you want the Spyware detection, you can also download

Spyware Pattern File (Detection and Cleanup)  


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    This is not an Antivirus / Malware (Spyware) solution. This is part of a solution. This is a step to removing Viruses / Malware from your computer. You need resident antivirus and a good firewall. Now, please go to Housecall and run it on your machine.