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The Windows Home Server Public Betas


June 20, 2008

The Public Beta of Power Pack 1 for Windows Home Server has been available for just over a week and Microsoft had a great response so far.

To helpout with ideas for testing, the Windows Home Server team is posting weekly Feature Focus documents. The first was posted earlier this week and the second one has just been posted. Please visit the download section to download the documents.

Read about it here and join up here

Also appearing in the download section of connect is the just released German version of Power Pack 1. Microsoft have posted both the update package and full ISO's of Power Pack 1 German edition.

Finally, Microsoft would like to bring your attention to a great resource for many Home Server owners. Microsoft and HP are holding a series of webcasts on how to do more with the HP MediaSmart Server. This series includes topics such as, extending Windows Home Server with Add-Ins, Digital Photography, and Mobile Warriors. The first in the series, extending Windows Home Server with Add-Ins, will be held on June 25th, and will feature special guest Terry Walsh of We Got Served! For more information on all of the upcoming webcasts, or to register for the event on June 25th, please visit




Old news




Windows home server has been released (August 2007). As Microsoft promised, it is a very affordable package well worth the investment.


For more details about Homeserver be sure to look at this link.


The product was released through the System Builder Channel and OEM hardware vendors.


A big thank you to all those who have helped this product become a great success.








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