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Hijackthis is a wonderful tool which interrogates your PC and shows you everything that has been told to automatically start when you start up your workstation or open internet explorer etc. It is great because we can see where the Malware has installed itself an also offers a great opportunity to maximize the performance of your PC by removing unwanted startup items.


To analyze your computer, start HijackThis and run a scan. HijackThis will display a list of areas on your computer that might have been changed by Spyware. Do not change any settings if you are unsure of what to do.


From here, you can save out a log and email it to someone whom you thinks can help you remove the Malware.

You can also send it to helpme@mickyj.com and I can take a look at it.


If you know what you are doing, or have been instructed to do so, you can then select items to remove and let Hijackthis cleanup your windows startup.


The tool will run on

  • Microsoft™ Windows™ Vista
  • Microsoft™ Windows™ XP
  • Microsoft™ Windows™ 2000
  • Microsoft™ Windows™ Me
  • Microsoft™ Windows™ 98


    It will detect plug ins for:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0
  • Mozilla™ Firefox™ 1.5 or 2.0


    for more Information look at Trend Micro Hijackthis


    Download the HiJackThis.exe here or on this alternate link here


    IMPORTANT: HijackThis does not determine what is good or bad. Do not make any changes to your computer settings unless you are an expert computer user or are following advice.


    NOTE: If you double click the Hijackthis icon and it does not start, even if after waiting considerable time, then it is likely a Virus or Malware is preventing it from working. You need to seek a professional for assistance.




    Advanced users looking to fine tune your workstation


    If you are using Hijackthis to speed up your PC, here are some hints for you. My personal preference is to uninstall any Internet Explorer tool bars before using Hijackthis, as they embed into not only the startup items but also the BHO section for Internet Explorer and windows services. Remember, I am not looking for Malware, I want speed.


    I always uninstall:

    • Google Toolbar

    • Ask Toolbar

    • Yahoo Toolbar

    • NineMSN toolbar

    If the client is running uTorrent, Limewire or other torrent, peer-peer tool, I uninstall them after telling them about the Copyright laws and how these tools are using their bandwidth to give others on the internet, their files.


    If it is not in use, I uninstall Skype. This plugs into Internet explorer and automatically starts when the PC starts. It can slow things right down. At this point I also ask if they are using Windows Live messenger. If they are using Msn, Windows Live or Skype and can manually start them when they need to use them, they can turn them off when the system boots up and manually start on request, again saving resources.


    Once I have done this, I fire up Hijackthis.


    Don't forget, we are optimizing your system. We are removing memory hogs. It will mean the convenient little icons down by the time will vanish and auto updaters like Adobe and Java, will need to be manually updated later.


    Here is where you need some experience. Thank goodness Hijackthis uses a backup feature. I remove from the startup, QuickTime, Java Updater, Adobe Speed Launcher, Adobe Updater, Google Desktop, Any indexers, Audio controls that are surplus and any other program not required. Normally they each have an icon down by the time, on the right hand side of your taskbar.


    I will get some specific executable names and place the names on this page at a latter date.


    Here are some to get you started (This is for optimization of memory from a business user point of view):


    Executable Location Purpose
    Reader_sl.exe HKLM\..\Run Adobe Reader Speed Launcher
    NeroCheck.exe HKLM\..\Run NeroFilterCheck
    QTTask.exe -atboottime HKLM\..\Run QuickTime Task
    iiTunesHelper.exe HKLM\..\Run iTunesHelper
    Ose.exe HKLM\..\Run office source engine (Updates Microsoft Office)
    WindowsLiveLogin.dll Internet Explorer Windows Live plugin
    GoogleUpdaterService.exe Service Google Software Updater (gusvc) - Google
    iPodService.exe Service iPod Service - Apple Inc (For those with iTunes and no iPod)
    NBService.exe Service NBService - Nero AG (If you are not using it)
    ULCDRSvr.exe Service Ulead Burning Helper (UleadBurningHelper)
    GPhotos.scr/200 Extra Add to Google Photos Screensaver
    adobearm.exe HKLM\..\Run Adobe reader updater
    jusched.exe HKLM\..\Run Java Update Manager
    Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 shortcut Startup menu group shortcut OneNote 2003
    PCSuite.exe -onlytray HKLM\..\Run PC Suite Tray (If you no longer have a Nokia phone, remove it)
    igfxpers.exe HKLM\..\Run Graphics persistance module
    igfxtray.exe HKLM\..\Run Graphics control icon on the task bar
    RTHDCPL.EXE HKLM\..\Run Realtek audio control on the task bar (Windows Audio control still works)
    LaunchU3.exe.lnk Startup menu group shortcut For U3 USB sticks in Windows XP
    SkyTel.EXE HKLM\..\Run Realtek audio manager
    PcSync2.exe /NoDialog HKLM\..\Run Nokia PC Sync (If you no longer have a Nokia phone, remove it)
    GoogleDesktop.exe /startup HKLM\..\Run Google Desktop Search (Unless you have a fast PC, remove it)
    PicasaMediaDetector.exe HKLM\..\Run Picasa Media Detector (Depends on if you use it with your camera)
    Narrator.exe HKUS\..\..\RunOnce  
    LogMeInSystray.exe HKLM\..\Run Log me in GUI (remove unless you are actively using it)
    LogitechDesktopMessenger.exe Startup menu group shortcut  
    yt.dll Toolbar Yahoo Toolbar
    ONBttnIE.dll Menuitem Send to OneNote (Unless you use it)
    GrooveMonitor.exe HKLM\..\Run Office 12 Groove Monitor (Remove if you are not using Groove)
    IndexSearch.exe HKLM\..\Run Paperport OCR index search (If not in use)
    pptd40nt.exe HKLM\..\Run Paperport OCR index search (If not in use)
    SetPoint.exe Startup menu group shortcut For Logitech mouse. If you don't have one, remove it.
    HPWuSchd2.exe HKLM\..\Run HP Software Update (Printers)
    PHOTOfunSTUDIO -viewer-\PhAutoRun.exe Startup menu group shortcut PHOTOfunSTUDIO -viewer
    ONENOTEM.EXE Startup menu group shortcut Onenote
    NBKeyScan.exe HKLM\..\Run Nero back it up








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