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Community minded Mark Menadue has something to discuss. Mark is tired of the mish mash of Broadband information out there and the associated time and costs for provisioning.


About Mark


Mark started as desktop support in the year 2000 in the tafe system (vocational education and training provider) in South Australia. He moved on to the Tafe at Berri for a year and then managed Microsoft servers a private school in Mildura for 1 year. Mark came back to tafesa as a service desk manager and is now a specialist in Novell infrastructure.

Mark has been known to Mickyj for many years and is highly recommended.

Mark has started a site is for those financially conscious about their telephony decisions. 

"If you're anything like me, some might call you a scrooge, but I just want the best I can get for my hard earned money.  Given there are so many providers of both phone and internet services I am providing my own personal opinions on who to choose.  I am not paid, nor gain any financial benefit from the opinions expressed on this site.  My opinions come from my personal experience or experience of friends and family."

Mark takes you through providers he has tried, discusses what to do it you are having trouble getting broadband and a few of the terms used.

Mark wanted to originally write a page on the Mickyj site but this labor of love might expand so take a look at his original page at:










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