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8 March 2010: It was not to be. EBS 2008 was discontinued. Last media will be available up until June 30.


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  Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (EBS 2008)



EBS was released November 12 2008.

For access to the EBS newsgroups please look here


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Windows Essential Business Server (Code name Centro) is a big brother to SBS 2008. They are both members of the Windows Essential Server Solutions family.


Windows Essential Business Server (EBS) will support up to 300 users/devices. It will have ISA (Now called Forefront Threat Management gateway) and a 120 day trial of URL Malware scanning.


EBS will look and feel the same as SBS with almost all of the same features and similar wizards.

SharePoint Services 3 will not be installed by default as this allows people to choose to install SharePoint Portal.


EBS will use one console to manage three servers. System Centre Essentials (SCE) is very important to EBS in the way it monitors and reports on your network.


EBS will essentially be 3 x 64 Bit servers, an ISA server (With Dual NICs) and I would recommend you build an EBS for speed as it is for a larger type of consumer. I would be using RAID 5 over as many disk spindles as possible and using a 1 Gb backbone wherever I could.


EBS was  designed specifically for the unique needs of IT Administrators in Midsize Businesses.

There will be two versions: Standard and Premium.



The Standard Edition includes Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2007, Forefront Security for Exchange Server, System Center Essentials, and ISA Server code name "Nitrogen". The Premium Edition includes everything in the Standard Edition plus SQL Server 2008. Essential Business Server will have a single Client Access License (user and/or device) for all included products and those CALs will be managed on the licensing tab/page in the Essential Business Server Administration Console.


EBS's Integrated Security

Many defense-in-depth multi-level security features with integrated security workloads
Pre-configured and optimized protection from common threats
Integrated and automated setup limiting vulnerabilities during and arising from installation
Centralized security feature management with a consolidated view of your security state across your systems – integrating both Microsoft and third-party applications
More automated patching and update processes make it easier for you to keep systems up
and running

EBS will show case Less Complexity, More Control

A centralized administration console enables you to proactively manage your customers’ IT
environment from a single location while leveraging the included product's consoles for advanced tasks
The integrated setup reduces installation steps to ~5 hours!
A single server license and Client Access License for all included products greatly simplifies licensing

EBS will be a Predictable Platform, Designed for Midsize Businesses

Architected for extensibility to easily “plug in” other applications
Remote Web Workplace, an out-of-the-box feature, enables IT to easily set up secure
remote access
More efficient to manage, maintain, and control, and more affordable to own than
stand-alone products


EBS is the next step from SBS 2008.








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