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Welcome to Dryzone, Never say wet again.

I am the Executive Producer for this short film. This gave me the chance to work with world famous Ernie clark ACS (director). Dryzone will be shown at the Cannes festival and be available throughout Australia on DVD.

This camera is rumored to be the one used in the filming of Wolf Creek. The Grips and Lighting trucks fully loaded cost about $7,000 per day. Some of the lights are worth up to $30,000. I would hate to think what the cameras are worth.

There are only so many times the Director can call tape roll, action and cut before you go insane. The slate was being written up for the same shot, sometimes 13 times.

I think I will go back to I.T. It is easier :)

More news to come.

Update: February, Production are almost done and the Foley has been recorded.
Update: March, The sound is being mixed and added.

Update: Sept 07, I have not posted mush of an update so here goes, the Premiere has been and gone. The DVD has been released. It was then re released with some medical interviews and now the Cora Barclay hearing specialists have taken it up.








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