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Do you have a virus? Something odd happening? computer running slow? Crashing? have your personal details escaped your grasp?

Did your internet bill go up with excess data usage? are you getting lots of spam? .......


You likely have Malware (Or if you are on a network, someone else at your office has).


Malware includes, but is not limited to:

  • Viruses

  • Trojans

  • Spyware

  • Adware

  • Hijackers

  • Rootkits

  • and lots of other exploits.


My experience lies with the Microsoft operating system however there are now scanners out there for Macintosh and Unix.


Unfortunately there is not one solution. In many cases a simple scan and removal is not appropriate and you need to wipe your computer and start again. Sometimes you might need to call a professional to sort this out for you.


I am constantly asked for help with these issues so I started this quick list of things to try. I regularly remove Malware from clients PC's and it is bbeco9ming obvious to me the infections are getting more serious and happening more often.


If you suspect you have Malware, hopefully these links will help you !


If you want to be alerted when really bad things happen on the internet, check out my new Malware Blog


If I had to start somewhere, I would scan my PC, then try and manually remove items if this does not help.


Start with Spybot then onto Trend Antivirus and then into the depths of your PC with various other tools.



Answers to your questions



Further information




Anti-Malware Industry live feeds for current Malware infections and new viruses





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