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You have put in a server, don't have access to support and have a question.

You need a server but do not know where to start.

You have a huge community project and need some support.

You just need to talk to someone about IT.

You came into work and the server is not working, who do you call?


Sound familiar?


The Not for profit sector of companies in Australia is the poorest in funds and the least understood of any organizations. They have no access to expensive engineers or the right software or hardware to do the job.


You can get access to Microsoft and other products from http://www.donortec.com and look around http://www.techsoup.org/ for advice but what can you do to solve your issues and get some help?


You need to find a community minded person with the right skills and resources.


One such community is the Microsoft MVP online community. Whilst some current and alumni MVP's live in newsgroups giving out free advice, others like myself like to get their hands dirty.

I have assisted in network installs from places far flung across the globe. I have given advice in the early hours of the morning, at the moments of crises,  and had email reply chains going for days, aiding the repair of servers. I have remoted into servers and fixed issues or used the Microsoft support system to escalate issues reducing monitory penalty to the end user.


I have helped with Scouts, Churches, Disability centers and Indigenous affairs.


If you have a project or need, and feel I can help, let me know. By remote access and email I can help anywhere. Physically I am limited to South Australia. Having said this, I have contacts throughout Australia and the world.


Whilst I can be time poor (When I am on various projects) it never hurts to ask. I always love to hear form you and if I can't help, I should be able to pass along a contact who can.


Feel free to email Community@mickyj.com for answers to your questions.


If you need hardware, please see http://www.mickyj.com/charity.htm

Please also consider visiting the following web sites.

  • Not for profit hardware and software for Australia
  • cmtypartnertool.partners.extranet.microsoft.com/CPTExternal
  • mvp.support.microsoft.com
  • culminis
  • www.microsoft.com/communities/MVP/MVP.mspx
  • Microsoft Not for profit information
  • Microsoft Corporate Pages

    For Community based events in South Australia, please contact me by the following means:

    Current contact information
    IM (MSN) mickyj (michael.jenkin@usa.net)

    email: Community@mickyj.com

    On request
    Skype: michaeljenkin (email skype@mickyj.com)
    Amateur Radio VK5FQDN (SA Metro, Echo link or IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project)











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