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Update 2011 - I am no loner able to supply free hardware for Metro South Australian Charities. I no longer take hardware for Charities.


I have too many computers and too little space. I have not had enough time to rebuild the machines.


Please look to the following two groups in South Australia and be sure to tell them I sent you.

ITShare South Australia Inc
: Recycling technology to provide access to all. ITshare recycles computers and other technology and installs Open Source software. Technology is donated to people and organisations who may not otherwise have access to technology.

Contact : 1 Euston Road Aldgate , South Australia 5154
Email : itshare@itshare.org.au
Website :

Smart State PC Donation Program
: The SA Government has established a community assistance initiative called the Smart State PC Donation Program. The Program aims to re-allocate surplus computing stock to community groups. Frequently asked questions about the program can be accessed here:

Phone : (08) 8226 3627
Email : martin.andrew@dpc.sa.gov.au

Website :


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Email received Friday, 6 October 2006

Hello Michael
I am sending this email on behalf of my father who came and saw you about his Toshiba laptop He said you were very helpful and also gave him a mouse button and a hard drive It is very good to know that there is still very helpful people like your self out their And they will do something for nothing for a stranger Once again on his behalf thank you p.s I will be recommending you and your business to anyone who asks me
Thank you
Attila Balla, Australia

Please note
All equipment supplied will have the hard drives securely erased and have a multi DoD overwrite to prevent recovery.
Hardware supplied without a copy of Windows will unfortunately be handed over without Operating systems intact.

As a by-product of my job and projects, I receive many donations of hardware.

This has included

  • old servers
  • routers
  • modems
  • laser printers
  • Monitors
  • computers and much more.

    I will pass this equipment onto Churches, Scout groups, Not for profit organisations, voluntary organisations, schools and Charities.

    The only thing you will need is someway to pick the items up.

    Through my new Service nicknamed "Computers for charity", I can offer a secure and pain-free way for business to help save money on disposal (and the environment) and benefit the community.

    NB: I am unable to Deliver computers and equipment.

    If you are eligible and require hardware please email charity@mickyj.com

    You might also be eligible for software help from Microsoft. Please look at the paperwork on their site

    In the past few months, hardware has gone to -

  • Hutchinsons Child Care, Ingel farm, SA.
  • The Uniting Church, Dernancourt, SA
  • Hewitt Church of Christ, Hewitt, SA, (Gawler)
  • Workskil, Melrose Park, SA
  • Dernancourt Kindergarten, SA
  • Salisbury North Scout Group, Salisbury North, SA.
  • IT Share
  • Gawler Northside Baptist Church

         (Computer and printer kit supplied to a father and son family whose house burnt down) , SA

    We supplied over 50 computer
    units in 2005! (48 units in 2006)

    A big thank you to all the S.A. Businesses that have donated goods in the past 5 years.

    Including (but not limited to):
  • Mile End Office Furniture
  • MPL Environmental Group
  • Meister Belperio Clark
  • Trans Adelaide
  • Camatta Lempens Pty Ltd
  • Salisbury Primary School
  • Ellex Medical
  • Hatcher and Vanson

    New donation in 2008 !!

    Thanks to Boon Tee from PowerBiz Solutions, on behalf of Regency T.A.F.E in South Australia. 200 PC's have gone to the community with 40 going out through this site and itshare !

    Overview of Rules and Warranty
    Basically there is no warranty. The equipment is free. If you find something that does not work, I will simply try and find you a replacement and the other item will be disposed of. The Quality of the equipment can never be guaranteed. I take the equipment and refurbish as best as able and then supply. I am only able to allow South Australian organisations to participate as the items are pick up only (By arrangement). The equipment will only be supplied to those people who fall into the listed categories or are charities. As all hard drives are reformatted and overwritten, there are very little chances of any viruses remaining on the systems. Toner for Laser printers will be supplied in the same way I received them. There are an unknown QTY of pages left in the drums. All equipment is from Business sources and none will be accepted from dubious sources. Most equipment will be supplied without software and operating systems as it would be illegal to load this software without the appropriate licences. It is appreciated that any items supplied are supplied with accompanying OEM etc software licences and disks. Items are only available as long as I have stock. As this type of stock holding fluctuates dramatically (from no stock to 30 PC's in a few days, weeks, months) then there are no guarantees and first in, best dressed.

    Items are available for pickup in Valley View, South Australia. Arrangements can be made via email.

    Download the leaflet I supply with Second hand computers here









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    August 2007 - Due to a lack of funds, the Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher whom bundles my hardware with Microsoft software, has discontinued their services. Unless I get software with the PC's I can't easily distribute them.

    To the rescue ....

    December 2007 - I have now partnered with the Adelaide based IT Share group.

    On 13 December 2007, this group received roughly 25 PCs and assorted parts from me. All off to good homes both here and abroad.

    ITShare uses GNU/Linux (better known as Open Source Software), operating systems, and applications.