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Welcome to Pro Windows Small Business Server 2003 (Formerly SBS Essentials)

Pro Windows Small Business Server 2003 by Tony Cambell (UK) and published by Apress.
(I was one of the Technical reviewers for this project).

My Official review

"Pro Windows Small Business Server 2003 should be the foundation of any Small Business Server installation. It gives the broad depth of knowledge that you need to install your server and provides the basis for you to start additional reading and training in the future. The tricks in this book will help you install your server correctly, first time and on time. Small Business Server suites most SMB situations and this book suits most SMB's."

This book is directed at the New comer to SBS. The business owner and first time user.

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This book has been allot of fun. Editing and suggesting technical changes is actually quite demanding of time and mental power. The book feels like a great fit for anyone starting in SBS and even those who need a refresh course.

The book may soon have 1 chapter free to download. The book includes updated chapters on ISA 2004 and SQL 5. It covers the Premium and standard builds and even looks into SharePoint and day to day running. Expect this book to be available very soon and to create some excitement in the SBS world.

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