Welcome to my book club

On this page I aim to eventually do reviews for some of the new SBS books coming out.

I have three books I plan to immediately review as I have worked on some or have been referenced in them.


Pro Windows Small Business Server 2003 (Previously SBS Essentials) by Tony Cambell (UK) and previously listed to be published by O'Reillys of New York.

Now to be published by Apress On September 11th 2006
(I was one of the Specialist Technical Reviewers for this project).

My Official review

"SBS essentials should be the foundation of any Small Business Server installation. It gives the broad depth of knowledge that you need to install your server and provides the basis for you to start additional reading and training in the future. The tricks in this book will help you install your server correctly, first time and on time. Small Business Server suites most SMB situations and this book suits most SMB's."

This book is directed at the New comer to SBS. The business owner and first time user.

You can pre order this book using Amazon.com

Advanced Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices, Harry Brelsford, SMBnation press

I feature on page 622 (Page marked 11-90)

Making It Big In Small Business 2006 (Top 15 SMB Consultants), Beatrice Mulzer, SMBnation press

I feature on page 307










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