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Business Technology Partners (BTP)


Business Technology Partners - Business Focus


BTP sell, install, service and support networks. Everything from workstations and servers to software and support services. BTP monitor IT systems, maintain computers and train on their use.
If it involves computers (internet access, remote access, virtualization, file sharing, email, accounting software, usage tracking, editing documents etc) BTP likely supply and implement a solution or recommend a partner.
Business Technology Partners are Microsoft Small Business Specialists and have many Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff. BTP are specialists in the SMB sector, concentrating on the 3 - 40 computer market.






Business Technology Partners - History


Early in 2008, long time friend and coworker Sam Webster and myself decided it was time to start our own IT business. I had been in the IT business for over 20 years and worked hard, always for someone else. I had reached the highest pinnacle possible with Microsoft (Other than employment) and was constantly disappointed with other IT companies out there, working in the industry, so it was an evolution to start my own IT business.


Sam and I  have always partnered with other IT companies, to help them out and provide any resources they lacked. We needed a business name that suggested partnerships and could easily be shortened or symbolized. Something like Hewlett Packard that is now known simply as HP. We did not want to have our names in the business title and wanted a generic name, easy to pass on to future directors.


Business Technology Partners (BTP) was born. Registered early 2008 and opened it's doors on 11th July 2008. We were unable to register www.btp.com.au as the URL was already reserved. Along came www.btponline.com.au.


When BTP opened it's doors, clients from our previous dealings, sought us out. BTP had a very successful first year and grew to 4 people.


At the end of 2009 the company grew to 5 staff and had employed the director of another South Australian based IT company and began the task of moving his clients to BTP.


Early 2010 saw the company grow to 6 staff and it will continue to grow into the rest of 2010. The company had a company Van and many other resources. BTP have clients across the Adelaide Metro area and many client interstate satellite offices.


BTP is going from strength to strength.


BTP started 2011 with 7 staff and multiple company van's. Sustained growth is important for us and we seen to have a working formulae.









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