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Ch Grau Aceo Diamonds


22.02.88 - 15.7.98

 No 1 Whippet Australia 1989 (National Dog Magazine Pointscore System)

Ch Denhills Deligate (Imp Uk)   x    Doriana Dulcine (Imp NZ)

Bobby was the focal point of all my breeding until the year 2000 and I thank Pat Adam of the Grau Kennel for the wonderful start she gave me in whippets.  He excelled in whippet type with a beautiful outline, gorgeous head and expression and correct, true movement.  These qualities have fortunately been passed on to his children and grandchildren.  He was AUSTRALIA'S TOP WHIPPET in 1989 (National Dog Magazine Point Score) - living and showing in Mt Isa (far west Queensland) at the time, this was quite an achievement.  He was also a BEST IN SHOW WINNER  at 8 years of age.  He was my best friend for ten years and an absolute joy to show and own.  He was taken from me too soon and I still grieve.

 'when I woke up this morning, wiped the sleep from my eyes

I found a new day dawning and suddenly I realised.....you're gone

Tell me I was dreaming, that you didn't leave me here tonight....

It was just my imagination telling lies - tell me you didn't say goodbye'

                                                                                                                                                   Travis Tritt.

Major Awards

1 Best in Show,   4 Reserves in Show,   

Lou Cristaudo Trophy for Dog of the Year Mt Isa 1989,   Best Junior of the Year Mt Isa 1989



Ch Denhills Deligate

(Imp UK)

Eng Ch Karnak

Silver Tiger

Barnesmore Telegram Sam

Hillsdown Fandango

Barnesmore Lilac Wine

Karnak Lucy Locket

Eng Ch Flarepath Astrinought of Lowglen

Pippi Longstocking

Denhills Debonair

Eng Ch Gainscliffe Renown

Eng Ch  Oakbark Mr Magic of  Silkstone

Solera Summer Rose

Denhills Scherherazade

Eng Ch Oakbark Me Lord

Rasaday Alisa

Doriana Dulcine

(Imp NZ)

NZ Ch Laguna Lussac

(Imp Uk)

Louviers of Laguna

Eng Ch Laguna Lunanute

Cockrow Sunset

Laguna Larissa

Laguna Lilywhite

Laguna Lissom

Laguna Luciana

(Imp UK)

Laguna Leezer

Laguna Laquer

Laguna Xmas Carol

Laguna Larissa

Laguna Lilywhite

Laguna Lissom

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Ch Grau Piece De Resistance  Chelsea.1.jpg (366938 bytes)  Ch Aslan Queen O'Diamonds



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