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About Aslan

      Hi, I'm Lana.  I began showing dogs in 1973 and owned Dalmatians and then Dobermans until 1984.  I had great success as a junior handler and have been fortunate enough to handle many breeds of dogs for many people in my career.

My interest in whippets began in 1976 when I saw the famous Eng and Aust Ch Dondelayo Statue win BIS at the Spring Fair in Sydney and the Aslan Kennel was formed in 1981.  The name comes from the character "Aslan", the lion in C.S. Lewis' Narnia Chronicles.  He is gentle but strong, wise, reliable, a formidable hunter when the situation necessitates it, playfully affectionate, extremely beautiful, people are in absolute awe when they see him and are inexplicably drawn to him.  These are characteristics I also see in whippets - hence the choice of name.

I bought my first whippet in December 1988.  This was Grau  Aceo Diamonds  who soon became a CHAMPION, a BEST IN SHOW WINNER and my constant, ever-loving companion.

I have not bred very many litters in my 18 years of owning whippets but this is through choice not inability.  I have lived in quite a few geographically remote places over the years and finding the right kind of homes for my pups - in particular show homes - has often been difficult.  Up until recently, the only dogs I'd bred that remained in the show ring full time were ones I'd kept for myself - but now I have bred seven champions and of those, Chelsea, Layla, Aime, Dino   and Tiara are all BEST IN SHOW or RESERVE IN SHOW winners.

My early stock was line bred to Ch Denhills  Deligate (Imp UK)   but in 2000 I began to weave in some TAEJAAN lines with a great deal of success.  In 2005 I realised a dream and imported the black and white, Gilnockie Ace of Spades (Imp UK)   who will be incorporated into my breeding program in the near future.  He has a wonderful pedigree, incorporating some very well known and respected English dogs.

Aslan produces consistent type, soundness, sweet temperaments and quality.  This kennel may not be as well known as some but I'm working on it!



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